Rohingya Muslims Massacre has no comparison in the recent history, silence of world community is shocking – JIH National Secretary;

July 28, 2012

“Rohingya Muslims Massacre has no comparison in the recent history but the silence of world community is shocking,” expressed Mr.Shafi Madni,all India Secretary of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind while speaking in a protest organised at the Myanmar Embassy in New Delhi.

The protest was organised by Welfare Party of India. Different political parties including Janata Dal United, Lok Jan Shakti Party, Samajwadi Party, CPI, Indian National League and Students Islamic Organisation of India (SIO) representatives addressed on the occasion.

On behalf of the Jamaat-E Islami Hind, Mr.Madni demandedand United Nation Organisation to intervene for stopping massacre of ethnic minority and also called upon the Myanmar government through its Ambassador at New Delhi to put immediate end to all kinds of persecution of Rohingya people.

Mr.Madani further called upon the Myanmar government to give Rohingya Muslims back their citizenship, stop war mongering and hate campaigns of fanatic Buddhists against Rohingya. “Bring to book all the civilians, police and military personnel involved in criminal activities, allow media and aid agencies full and free access to the affected area and initiate reconciliation process to bring communal harmony,” he added.

The speakers expressed serious apprehensions that Rohingya is one of the most persecuted ethnic minorities in the world and thatRohingya Massacre is not new to the history. The new episode of organised ethnic cleansing was started on 3rd June killing unknown number of Muslims by Budhist Junta (military) and BudhistRakhine militants. Unconfirmed toll numbers to 28000 within a month. On June 10, state of emergency was declared in Rakhine, allowing military to participate in administration of the region. The Burmese army and police have been accused of targeting Rohingyas Muslims through mass arrests and arbitrary violence. Monks’ organizations that played vital role in Burma’s struggle for democracy have taken measures to block any humanitarian assistance to the Rohingya community.

Thespeakerscriticised the shocking silence of SuuKyi (winner of Nobel Peace Prize and leader of opposition in Myanmar), Dalai Lama and world leaders on the plight of RohingyaMuslims.

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