JIH launches ‘Save the Country’ Campaign

February 25, 2013

JIH launches-Save the Country-CampaignJamaat-e-Islami Hind is all set to launch a ‘Save the Country – from Oppression and Injustice, Poverty and Slavery’ campaign from 21 April to 19 May 2013. The country is confronted with a number of issues and problems like subjugation of minorities, weaker sections and women, injustice meted out to these marginalised groups, detention and arrest of Muslim youths on concocted charges, growing trend of fascism and communalism, corruption and bribery, rising prices and widening gulf between the rich and the poor and warm welcome being extended to foreign corporate companies under the influence of capitalist imperialism, etc.

“The country needs to be acquainted with these problems in depth and how best to solve these problems so as to make our beloved country a just, corruption-free and peaceful society to live in,” said JIH Ameer Maulana Syed Jalaluddin Umari while addressing a keynote address to the Zonal Ameers and their Assistants at the organisation’s headquarters in the capital on 24 February.

The JIH chief expressed grave concern over this disquieting situation prevailing in the country, saying that the attitude of the government as well as political parties towards dealing with these issues is not positive.

On the growing trend of fascism and communalism, he said, “We do have a definite stand against fascism but now we have to make concerted efforts to acquaint the large segments of masses in the country with the dangerous consequences of this hydra-headed monster.”

The JIH leader also clarified that this campaign will address all these issues not in the perspective of the Muslims alone as all the citizens of the country are suffering from these. He also made it clear that the campaign will present effective and lasting solution to all these problems in the light of Islamic teachings. “The difference between the campaigns launched by others and our campaign is that we have the solution provided by the Creator Himself and we want to present this divine solution to the country,” he emphasised.

Without naming the powers-that-be, the JIH chief said, “They discuss issues, consider various options to solve them and take important decisions; so they may also consider with open mind the solutions Islam presents for these issues.”

The national convenor of the campaign, Mr. Muhammad Ahmad, who is also Secretary JIH, said that after the completion of this central campaign the JIH zones in all the states will continue this campaign till January 2014 so that the message of this campaign may reach the district, tehsil and panchayat levels of this vast country.

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  1. Akbar Zahid

    We are all with JIH in this caompaign. May God give us strength and success in this.

  2. nikhat shama

    ALHAMDULLILAH This is the right time to convey this message,May Allah guide our Nation to the right path.

  3. Saleem Shakir

    May Almighty Allah bless JIH with all the success and all the Muslim Ummah with peace and prosperity. Amin

  4. Mohammed Abdul Mateen

    Good to see such actions, i hope the message will be more in the regional languages as masses absorbs significantly in their own language.

  5. Mohmaed Hussain

    It is Good step from the organisation shall oher muslim organisation invited to join hand with camp. May Allhah help jamat for grnad succes of the programe.

  6. mohd shariq ahmad

    alhamdulillah, it is the right time to rise for the right cause and create awareness

  7. md. imran, jaipur

    may Allah succeed us and accept our efforts. amin