Secretary General JIH in Leaders training camp in AP

April 13, 2016

Leaders Training Camp



A Two-day State level “Leaders Training Camp” Tarbiyah programme organized by Jamaat e Islami Hind- AP was held on 9th & 10th (sat & sun) of April at the Islamic Centre, Nehar Complex, Eluru. Janab Muhammad Saleem Engineer sahib, Gen.secy JIH  was the chief guest who presented extensive lectures on the topics related to Islamic Movement.


Also he highlighted the efforts of Jamaat activities and its role in the present scenario. A session of questions and answers was held at the end of the programme.


Moulana Abdus Salaam Dastagir sahib Amir e Halqa, JIH-AP in his Inaugural and concluding speeches gave guidelines to the cadre, “ It is the foremost duty of everyone associated with Jamaat to reform and train himself; with utmost belief in accountability before Allah in the life hereafter, desire for achieving His pleasure and spirit of love and obedience to the Prophet (peace on him).”


Further said, “Reading and understanding the Book of Allah, Study of Hadith, life of the Prophet, lives of companions of the Prophet and the literature on Islam and Islamic movements is must for everyone associated with the Jamaat.”


Halqa AP secretaries, District organizers, local presidents, Nuzma halqa Karkunaan, Men and Women Members around 120 participated in the programme.


The Programme started with Dars-e-Quran and Several speeches were delivered on various topics on Islam and Islamic Movement to elucidate importance and necessity of Strengthening one’s relationship with Allah and assessment of one’s self in regard to sincerity, desire for Allah’s pleasure, fear of Allah, perseverance, gratitude, love of Allah and trust in Him.


Reform of one’s conduct and dealings, reforming the family, Sacrifice in the path of the Movement and abiding by organizational norms. Piety and excellence in all individual and collective matters, Recognition of one’s capabilities and efforts to develop them. Also asserted to create the sense of social service in the Jamaat cadre along with several other objectives.


All the 13 District organizers presented their reports regarding jamaat’s activities in respective areas.


Amir e Halqa presided over the programme and was concluded with dua at 2pm instead of 5pm to make it convenient for all cadre to attend Janab Hamidullah Sharif sahib’s Tadfeen(burial) at Nutakki near Mangalagiri. Jb Nayeemullah sahib Amir e Muqami, Eluru was the nazim e Ijtima and Alhamdulillah Programme was well organized.


Leaders Training Camp” Tarbiyah programme3


Leaders Training Camp” Tarbiyah programme2


Leaders Training Camp Tarbiyah programme1


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