Secretary Jamaat Adresses Education Conference

April 6, 2008

By Tarique Anwar,

Muzaffarpur: “Students should be motivated to get concrete results; they should not be let get depressed,” said Professor Shamshad Hussain, Ex-vice chancellor of Magadh University (Gaya) and Nalanda Open University (Patna).

He was addressing a daylong seminar organized by the city’s prominent Muslim educational institution Hazrat Ali Academy on 6th April 2008. The topic of the seminar was ‘Our Education in Present Era — Its aim, problems and solutions.’

In his key note address Shamshad added that time has come to take decision about future of Muslim education. Action-oriented programmes are the need of the hour, he said. He appealed to the Muslim educational institutions to improve their management to impart quality education with limited resources. He said Muslim students should be a role model for others.

Reminding parents of their responsibility towards their wards, he said parents should stimulate the talents of their children. They should set at least three options for further studies. By applying this method a student can never be frustrated if they fail to achieve their first target. He will go for second and then third option.

Knowledge is the highest source of empowerment for people. We can’t ignore religious education because it teaches spiritualism. If it is removed from a man he or she will become robot which has no sense and not any wisdom of itself.

Addressing the gathering Dr Abuzar Kamaluddin, Principal of MS College (Motihari), said “This is the age of knowledge, blind materialism, globalization, liberties and gender justice. We need such an educational system which can lead us towards a goal.” Contemporary consciousness is very much needed in this society, he said.

Dr Quamar Azam Hashmi, professor of Urdu at Dr BR Ambedkar Bihar University (Muzaffarpur), stressed on the need of female education. He advised that parents should concentrate on the development of their wards. Proper coordination is needed between students, teachers and guardians, he observed.

In his presidential address, Ashfaque Ahmad, Secretary department of educations, Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, said Islam allows us to gain knowledge from any source without any boundation. Feeling the burden of subjects on the students he worded that learning without any burden is the main aim of modern education as per National Curriculum Frame Work-2005.

He emphasized on the need of library in schools and said that it develops study habits in students. Referring to Sachar Committee’s report, he threw light on educational backwardness of Muslim community and gave relevant statistics. According to the figures, Bihar has 65% literacy on national level in which male’s contribution is 75% and female 52%. There is only 37% literacy in Muzaffarpur district in which 61% male and 39% female are educated. Only 4% Muslim students go to school in the district.


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