Sermon on occasion of Eid al Adha by Ameer of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind – Maulana Syed Jalaluddin Umari

3 September, New Delhi: The Ameer (chief) of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, Maulana Syed Jalaluddin Umari while delivering the sermon on the occasion of Eid al Adha, addressed the Muslim community and said: ‘’ Even under the most adverse conditions you should not despair. That has been the way of the Prophets. Despair and hopelessness can drive a community towards its decline. It should not happen that you should become frightened and lose hope and waver in your grit and determination. Despairing means we have forgotten the fact that Allah is the Controller of all things. The Quran says that those who are misguided lose hope in the Mercy of God’’. Ameer e Jamaat was referring to the situation of the Muslim community both in India and abroad. Maulana Umari said that: ’’ the population of Muslims in India is almost 20 crores. Neither the government nor any political party is discussing the problems of such a large community of the country. People ask what should we do in such a situation’’? Maulana Syed Jalaluddin Umari said that: ‘’people must take care about the following. One is that they must be aware of contemporary developments. They must take appropriate action based on national and international conditions. It is one of the signs of a vibrant nation that it is aware of the latest developments in the world and finds a way out for itself even under challenging and trying circumstances. The Muslim community shall have to prove itself through its deeds (merely words will not be sufficient). They will have to bear things with patience and fortitude and will have to stick to their position even under pressure by adhering to their religion. This is the key to success. This will gain them the Help of Allah and the situation will change’’. Ameer e Jamaat asked that: ‘’’ if people can unite for the wrong reasons then why can’t Muslims come together for the sake of Truth. Allah has commanded Muslims to compete with each other in piety and good deeds and by doing so they would attain success and salvation’’.

Ameer e Jamaat expressed regret at the fact that the 20 crore strong Muslim community in India is divided into 20,000 groups. He said: ‘’It is the need of the hour to unite. The Quran says that your unity is your strength’’. Maulana said that: ‘’ the small problems and issues, in which Muslims are engrossed, hold no importance both in this world and religion. The Quran demands the Muslims to become one and says that the basis of that unity is the obedience of Allah and His Prophet (PBUH)’’. Ameer e Jamaat expressed concern that: ‘’ although we have 55-56 sovereign Islamic nations, yet they do not have the desired power and influence. In fact other powers dictate their agenda to them which they follow meekly. This is a tragedy for the Ummah’’.

Maulana Umari laid great emphasis on the need to spread the teachings of Islam. He said: ‘’Quran says that the well-being of the Muslim community lies in it. There are many in the country who feel that Islam is the religion of their adversaries and enemies’’. Maulana said that: ‘’we must convey the teachings of Islam even to these people. Islam is not meant for a specific sect, group or party. Rather, Islam is meant for every citizen of this country and all the inhabitants of this world. Quran says that it is quite possible that one may make peace with the people (sometime in the future) with whom you are at war today’’. Maulana Umari said that: ‘’we all must strengthen our relationship with God and hold fast to the ‘’Rope’’ of Allah. There is no other hope for protection besides these. Whoever holds fast to the Rope of Allah will obtain ‘’guidance’’ and tread on the Straight path’’.

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