Spread the Message of Islam For An Evil Free Society: Maulana Faruq Khan

December 17, 2011

Bangalore, December 17, 2011: Veteran leader of Jamaat –e- Islami Hind and renowned scholar Maulana Faruq Khan said that the society is a shelter for us. This shelter could be mercy or, a curse for us. If the home where we want to live is clean, we feel happy.  In the same way, if a society is free of evils, it will become an ideal society and worth for living. If evils are there in a society, it becomes a hell. The biggest evil in today’s society is the corrupt thinking. He was addressing the special programme organized by Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, Bangalore Metro for the cadre on December 17, 2011 at BIFT Hall, Bangalore.

Admonishing the associates of the organization he said that if we be an ideal character, we can bring enormous changes in individuals as well as the communities around us. He reminded the audience that we have decided our way of life after a serious thought and taken all its responsibilities voluntarily. It is our firm decision. Prophet Muhammad (S) has termed us a ‘Witness of Allah’. Therefore, it is our duty to spread the message of the true religion i.e. Islam in the society as the sun spreads its light. We have to spread the light through which human soul shall shine with bountiful thoughts, life shall become glorious. In this way, ignorance can be wiped out and we can develop alertness for truth in the society. We are the possessors of the ultimate solution for the salvation of the mankind.

Today many ‘fraud Babas’ are making hell of human life by their fake claims. Humanity is thirsty of truth. The responsibility of tumbling this thirst is ours, said Maulana in his speech.


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