Statement by the Home Minister is insufficient. practical steps needed: JIH

February 2, 2013

New Delhi, 02 Feb. 2013:

1. The Problem of Violence Against Women
It is a matter of great concern that women, who are half of humanity, are unsafe in our country and incidents of sexual attacks on them and rapes are continuously taking place.

After the incident of gang rape of a young woman in a moving bus in Delhi on 16December 2012, the problem of safely of women assumed importance and media and people gave full attention to the gravity of this problem and the whole country felt the need to adopt measures to solve this problem.

The central Government is, at present, seized with the task of making laws against sex crimes. The Jamaat welcomes these efforts. For the lasting solution of the problem, the concept of respect to humanity and respect to women should be promoted on strong footing. Islam, first of all, lays stress on cleansing of thoughts and hearts. The Holy Quran has emphasised avoiding evil glances and protecting modesty and chastity. To achieve this, we should inculcate fear of God and sense of responsibility and accountability before God, hear and in the hereafter. At the same time, we should fight with the wrong notion that adult men and women in sexual affairs are free from moral bindings and two consenting adults can do whatever they wish. Further, all manifestations of immodesty and unchastity should be banned. In this respect Newspapers, TV channels and films must adhere to moral and ethical principles. The Jamaat is of the view that this problem cannot be solved just by legislation. A durable solution can be achieved only through a basic change in our thoughts and by creating practical changes in our society.

2. Effective steps to eradicate communalism and terrorism
The Jamaat welcomes the statement of Home Minister Shushil Kumar Shinde that the poison of hatred and communalism being spread for a long time in the country by organisations like RSS and BJP should be brought to an end.  Mr.Shinde has pointed out that the communal organisations are promoting terrorism through their camps.

This statement by the Home Minister is insufficient. He should take practical steps in the light of information provided by his department and other investigative agencies. Further, he should order a high-level investigation about the innocent Muslim youths who have been wrongly implicated in bomb blasts and violent incidents, which in fact were handiwork of communalists. The innocent youths should be released forthwith and the real culprits should be appropriately dealt with. Thorough investigation should be made about Bhonsala Military School, Nashik, Abhinav Bharat, Sanatan Sanstha and different Senas and every source of communalism and terrorism should be closed.

The Jamaat supports every effort, which promotes peace, love and     fraternity and would extend its wholehearted support to every effort, which strives to put an end to hatred, violence, communalism, crimes and terrorism.

3. communal role of police in dhule, MAHARASHTRA
On 6th Jan. 2013, a small altercation on a petty issue took the shape of a communal conflict in Dhule, Maharashtra. Police acted in a partisan way, used excessive power and killed six Muslim youths by resorting to point blank firing. In all 42 persons were injured in firing. It is clear from the Video footage procured by the Indian Express and through the photos published that the police did not fire to control the mob but to kill with vengeance as it directly fired on the upper parts of body.

According to the fact finding report of ANHAD and the investigative reports by newspapers, the attitude of police was openly partisan, atrocious and communal. Jamaat strongly feels that this attitude of police is fraught with grave dangers for the future of the country.

The Jamaat demands that the state government of Maharashtra and the central government should make unbiased investigation of these deplorable events and take steps to reform police and castigate the communal elements inside it.

The Jamaat also demands that a judicial inquiry of this incident through a high court judge should be ordered and the report should be submitted within a specific time, appropriate compensation should be given to the relatives of the persons killed and injured and stringent action should be taken against the erring police officers.

4. The Proposed Lokpal Bill
The Lokpal Bill, as a measure to check the widespread corruption, is almost ready. It was made possible because of growing demands and continuous pressure from public. Jamaat records its satisfaction on this move. The Jamaat wants to remind the countrymen that the problem of widespread corruption cannot be effectively solved by legislation alone. Therefore in addition to effective laws inculcation of fear of God and sense of responsibility also is necessary. Therefore, utmost importance should be given to promote moral and ethical awakening.

Media Dept.
Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, HQRS

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