T. Arif Ali, Secretary General JIH visited Maulana Rabey Hasan Nadwi

October 24, 2019


The Secretary General of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, Janab T. Arif Ali visited Darul Uloom Nadwathul Ulema and met Maulana Rabey Hasani Nadwi. As the chairman of All India Muslim Personal Law Board, Maulana Rabey spoke at length about the title suit of Babri Masjid. Here we are sharing some of his views:


“As the house of Allah, the protection of Babri Masjid is definitely the responsibility of the Muslim community. We have done what we can within the limits of the Indian judicial system and the limits of our social apparatus. The advocates who were appointed us have done their job well. The advocates of the other communities have invoked faith and emotion in their plea.


Deen (Islam) gives us only permission to do what we can. There is no command from Allah to fight or create problems for a mosque in India. This problem is legal issue and the responsibility of the government; not of Muslims. If the Supreme Court doesn’t give a verdict based on justice and based on facts, the Indian Judiciary will be questioned inside and outside India.  The country will have to answer to the coming generations also. Now if the Supreme Court is giving a verdict based on the facts which have been proved to the world, the government will be responsible for executing the verdict. It means that the obligation to uphold the honour and sanctity of the judiciary is on the Supreme Court, and the responsibility to uphold the legislation is of the government.


We are facing many challenges because we have not being true to our faith and belief. The biggest challenge in front of us is to refine our belief and lifestyles. Our main duty is to share and exchange the idea of humanity of Islam to the citizens of the country. The responsibility of the Muslim leaders is to prepare and train the Muslim community especially the youngsters, for this purpose.”

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