Ameer-e-Jamaat’s Eid-ul-Fitr Address

July 18, 2015

Ameer-e-Jamaat’s Eid Address

Praise be to Allah!

I congratulate you all on the occasion of Eid. May Allah bless us again with the blessings of Ramadhan, in the years to come so that we may once again have the opportunity to fast during Ramadhan and learn the Quran.

Friends! Ours is a vast country, richly endowed with natural bounties and resources. It occupies an important position on the world map. Constitutionally, all citizens of this country are on equal footing; they enjoy same rights and they are equally governed by rule of law. This is a very positive feature of the constitutional order that exists. But one must recognize that the general atmosphere in the country suffers from widely spread communal bias and prejudice. Such a vitiated atmosphere renders meaningless, the constitutional provisions of justice and fair play.

Muslims are the particular victims of communalized discriminations. As a result, they have lagged behind in education and economy. Muslims often have to launch sustained struggles to get their rights; which are constitutionally their due. Muslim youth are the target of various agencies which arrest and torture them routinely, even when they are innocent. The whole community is living a life of insecurity. Educated Muslims are denied employment and they can’t even rent a house in localities with better facilities.

Friends! In these adverse circumstances, we must pay attention to two important tasks.

The first and primary task of ours is to make sustained efforts to change our circumstances and at the same time, remain firmly committed to the religion of Allah. We must perform our duties of SALAT, ZAKAT and HAJJ. Nobody stops us from praying to Allah. Let your house be the house of Islam in which Allah’s commandments are obeyed. Through informed public opinion, try to remove the obstacles, which prevent you from practicing Islam. Then we can hope to deserve forgiveness of Allah.

Secondly, we get united as Muslims. Muslim countries are fighting one another and Muslim organizations are quarrelling. This sad situation should change. The Quran tells us to hold on to the rope of Allah, unitedly. If there are disputes they must be settled in accordance with justice; but the fighting must stop.

We must give up our narrow-mindedness and petty differences, and march towards unity. The Quran tells us to be firmly committed to truth and to become a well knit group of believers. If we unitedly practice the religion of Allah, Allah’s blessings will remove our difficulties. We would achieve success in this world and in the life hereafter.

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    Have read the valuable address by Ameer-e-Jamat. May Allah show us the right path and make us capable to follow the same.

  2. saif ul islam

    Allah give best reward.