Envoys, Leaders from Different Religions Attend Jamaat’s Eid Get-together

July 27, 2015

New Delhi, 26 July 2015: Jamaat-e-Islami Hind organized an “Eid Get-together” programme at its headquarters here in New Delhi on Saturday. The event was attended by political and community leaders, envoys from some Muslim countries, social activists, journalists, intellectuals and academicians. Maulana Syed Jalaluddin Umari, Ameer (National President) of Jamaat addressed the gathering and emphasized that festive occasions should be used to strengthen inter-community relations.

Maulana Umari spoke at length on the importance of fasting in the month of Ramadan. He explained how Islam propagates an egalitarian society and establishes a welfare state with the support of citizens through its system of Zakat and charity. He said abstinence from eating and drinking and sexual interaction during fasting can immensely help the individual and society – it helps one to feel the hunger of poor people and it also helps in removing social evils from the society.

In his speech, Maulana Umari while referring to violence in the name of religion said it is a baseless allegation that Islam allows shedding of blood without any rightful reason. He said religion should not be blamed for some act of individuals. “We condemn all violence in the name of religion.”

Referring to communally charged atmosphere in the country, Maulana Umari said “India is a country of different religions and cultures. We all should try to understand each other. I request you all not to see Islam as a rival.”

Eid Milan - JIH Markaz - 25 July 2015 (3)

Highlighting the presence of envoys from some Muslim countries in the program, Ameer-e Jamaat said this will help improve mutual relations between India and these countries.

Prominent dignitaries who attended the event included Pakistani High Commissioner to India Mr Abdul Basit, Office bearers of the Iran Cultural House, Mr J.K. Jain, chairman Jain TV, Mr Yahya Bukhari, Swami Agnivesh and Danish Ali, National Secretary of Janata Dal Secular.

Eid Milan - JIH Markaz - 25 July 2015 (2)

At the end of the event, Mohammad Salim Engineer, Secretary General of Jamaat, proposed the vote of thanks. In his brief speech, he said Jamaat has been working to build a value-based society for last 74 years in the country. Jamaat holds such programs in different states so that members of different communities come together and remove their misunderstandings about each other.

Earlier, Mr. Iqbal Mulla, Secretary of Jamaat for Dawah, in his opening remarks, talked about the purpose of the event.

Vice President of Jamaat Nusrat Ali was also present on the occasion.

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  1. Muhammad Imran, jaipur ( rajasthan)

    alahamdulillah in an era of hatred jih endeavor to build a fraction free society is welcoming.
    may Allah accept the efforts.