APCR camp in UP east zone

June 30, 2008

A four-day legal social workers training camp was organised by Jamaat-e-islaami UP East at Bansi, Siddarthnagar. Dr. Shakeel Ahmed spoke on the topic ‘struggle for justice in present day India’. He opined that getting justice is increasingly getting difficult in India through Judiaciry but it is the single most important source of obtaining justice. So we cannot ignore it. We should try our best to make this source more efficient.

Mr. Adul Rasheed Aghwan gave valuable suggestions on the importance of citizen’s participation in the struggle to obtain justice. There were detailed sessions on legal documentation and legal procedures. Right to information act and other acts were explained in detail to the participants. Mohammed Akram Khan Jhansi spoke ‘Human Rights Commission: Objective and Functions.There were assignments, case-studies and other workshops to equip practically the participants in the field of legal activism.

Apart from Jamaat-e-Islami state President Janab Waliullah Sayeedi other office bearers also participated in this programme. This was first of its kind in UP zone and was a very fruitful programme.

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