Badaun savagery reflects collective moral decline of society: Jamaat

June 5, 2014

Badaun savagery reflects collective moral decline of society: Jamaat

Badaun savagery reflects collective moral decline of society

New Delhi, 03 June 2014: Jamaat-e-Islami Hind on Tuesday termed the barbaric gang-rape and murder of two cousin sisters of a Dalit family in Uttar Pradesh’s Badaun district as a sad reflection of collective moral decline of the society and demanded the government to analyse such incidents with all seriousness and sincerity and take effective preventive measures to curb such incidents.

Nusrat Ali, secretary general of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, expressed his deep grief at the inhuman Badaun incident and said that whenever such incident happens in any part of the country, there is a natural outrage against it, stern punishment is demanded for the culprits and it is hoped that this would be the last such incident in the country. But the last two years are witness to steep rise in incidents of kidnapping of women and girls and their rape, physical torture and murders. It seems that a large number of people in the society have crossed all limitations of gentleness and morality and they have no care at all about the modesty and life of women and girls.

Expressing his serious concern on the deteriorating situation, Mr. Nusrat Ali said there is a need for strong efforts on the part of people and government to change the environment. Public organisations, human rights forums and educational and social institutions need to work for moral awareness and to establish a crime-free society. The system of governance and administration should be strengthened to ensure justice, Mr. Ali demanded. To cleanse the society from crimes, he said, cases of such brutal incidents should be disposed of within 100 days and guilty should be sternly punished so that people with ill intentions could learn a lesson from it and peace is restored in the society.

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  1. Mohammed Anees

    Dear Saheb,

    What made you to be blind about the double stand of Media and the public about the incident..? What made you to stop remind the mode outrage and protest Delhi rape incident brought about..?

  2. G Gul Arman

    Such immoral cases are the direct result of the immoral film industry and the morally decayed media. No one could even think about such bestial acts before the pandemic of immoral films. The Indian films, like their Western counterparts, is not only a threat to the culture of India, but to the whole region.

  3. syed farhat hussain

    It is very much shameful for entire that brutally innocent girls were raped and murdered it is only that all gunda and having ill intention are free for committing such kind of activities which totally unethical & inhuman accident.