Session of Markazi Majlis-e Shoora concludes on Amir-e Jamaat’s speech

June 5, 2014

Session of Markazi Majlis-e Shoora concludes on Amir-e Jamaat

New Delhi, 05 June 2014: The 4-day session of Central Advisory Council (Markazi Majlis-e Shoora), the supreme policy-making body of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind ended on the concluding remarks of Amir-e Jamaat Maulana Syed Jalaluddin Omari here at the Headquarters of Jamaat on 03 June. The session had begun on 31 May.

The distinguished members of the Shoora deliberated various issues including the overall situation of Jamaat, post-Lok Sabha election scenario in the country, apprehensions and expectations from the new central government and role and responsibility of common people especially minorities including Muslims in the changed situation.

In his concluding remarks, Amir-e Jamaat Maulana Omari asked cadres of the Jamaat to strengthen their relation with Allah, introspect themselves and intensify their efforts against injustices irrespective of the victims. He also asked the cadres to work for unity among the Muslim community and strengthening their relations with Allah and also for making good relations with fellow countrymen.

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  1. Ilyas

    Salam Alaykum DEAR muslim brother i so agra conversion on tv i feel sick so what we can do for muslim in india we should give them deeni and dunia we talim in darul uloom @ age 16 and than technical college after age 16 and Adult learning center for thes mohim we should address all level of leadership in all india please for give me if i am wrong thank you ma salam ya allah give me hedayat Amin