JIH Central Advisory Council adopts resolutions on Ukraine, Economic situation and Indian Muslims in its October session

October 12, 2022

New Delhi, 12 Oct.2022: The Central Advisory Council (CAC) of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind (JIH) in its session dated 3-5 October 2022 adopted resolutions related to the war in Ukraine, the Muslim community in India and the economic situation of our country.

 1. Russia-Ukraine War

 The Central Advisory Council (CAC) of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind condemns the ongoing war between Ukraine and Russia.

This war, the CAC feels, lingered longer than expected, and is affecting the whole world. Owing to this, many countries are facing inflation and rising prices of essential commodities. This situation is weakening the economy of developing and poor countries day by day.

The CAC wants Russia, Ukraine and the European Union to come to the table soon; and, resolving their differences for the sake of lasting peace in the region, stop the military operation forthwith.

The CAC appeals to the leaders of Russia and Ukraine to take measures to effect end of the war and immediate solution thereof.

Differences and disputes among nations should be settled at diplomatic levels, through negotiations and parleys. Military action and violence are not the way to solve issues.

The CAC also appeals to the international community to concentrate its attentions on the solution of this issue and try to devise a lasting peace between the two countries, rising above their respective leanings. We also demand from our Government to take interest in this issue and exercise its influences for its solution.

2. Let the Indian Muslims Face the Situations Courageously

The CAC of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind feels that presently the Indian Muslims are facing umpteen challenges. The aggressive trends of communalism have created dangers for their lives and properties at various places. Personal law, Shari’ah, mosques and madrasas, their identities and religious symbols are being targeted. The trend of hate speech is now common, so much so that insults are being thrown at the Prophet of Islam, Hazrat Muhammad ﷺ. It is unfortunate that the Government and police are not playing their roles in containing these incidents, and many times the oppressed Muslim victims of communalism are made subject to police atrocities, too.

The CAC is also gravely concerned that the Muslim youth, who ran a countrywide movement against CAA/NRC were sent behind bars on baseless charges under draconian laws. Similar baseless charges have been levelled against the civil society and justice-loving personalities, who had lent their support to this movement.

The CAC is contented that the great majority of the country is not yet influenced by this communal hatred and propaganda. A good number of justice-loving, peace-loving, balanced and moderate persons are present in the country who are not only worried about these circumstances but also raising their voices continuously against communal and fascist trends and actions.

The CAC appeals to Indian Muslims to face the situations with trust in God, patience, fortitude and courage, keeping away from fear and disappointment or reaction and extremism. Remain steadfast in your principles. Never show any indolence and weakness in regard to your faith and religion, personal law and Shari’ah. Simultaneously, strengthen your relations with the society around you, remove the misapprehensions of your fellow citizens; and, by means of talks and discussions as well as amiability, apply an antidote to this poison of hatred dished out by communal forces. Also, strive together with peace- and justice-loving people to establish equity and justice, promotion of virtues and eradication of oppression and injustice in the country.

The CAC feels that the prevailing situation is not new for Muslims; earlier too the Millat had been dealing with such issues and worries. Those situations neither put an end to their physical and literal existence, nor could they weaken their relation with faith and religion. Muslims should remember that they are a Dai Millat and Khair-i-Ummat; they have to be always attentive to their Dai status and their responsibilities towards the human society. If they continue to making sincere efforts to fulfil their responsibilities with courage and steadfastness, we believe Allah will bless them with help and succour. The situation will last for a short while, and they would emerge more powerful and persuasive.

3. National Recession and Its Consequences

The CAC is gravely concerned that the economic condition of the country is going from bad to worse. Rupee is continuously depreciating, prices of essential commodities are skyrocketing, and the graph of unemployment in the country is increasing fast. United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) recently predicted that the country’s economic growth will decelerate to 5.7% from 8.2%. This report also predicts that the GDP will further decline to 4.7% in 2023. The report says that one reason of this economic decline is the mindboggling recession and decrease in public expenditure. Increasing the interest rate, Reserve Bank of India has caused rapid increase in prices and sharp decrease in the purchasing power of people. The depreciation of rupee has disturbed the balance between the country’s economy and foreign exchange reserve.

To decrease the unemployment rate, the CAC feels, at least one crore employments need to be created every year in the country so that we may lessen the worries of our unemployed youth who are falling prey to disappointment and hopelessness. The CAC believes that there is no paucity of resources in the country; the problem is of their equitable distribution and flow of wealth from the rich to the poor. This requires fundamental changes in the policies of the country.

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