Debates on Muslim women should have their representation: JIH Kerala woman leader

November 24, 2013


Kozhikode, 23 November 2013: Those parties which want Muslim support should understand Islam in its true sense, said KK Suhra, JIH Kerala secretary during her inaugural address of Muslim women’s conference organised by women’s wing of JIH in response to the ongoing public debates on Muslim women. The debates between the secularists and clergies of Muslim community on women regarding her freedom and social status exclude Muslim women’s involvement, she said. Muslim woman is not permitted to express her remarks even on the subject concerning them.

Modern society does not acknowledge or recognise the progress achieved by women across the globe. Still being conceived materially, exploitation of women still continues. Religious orthodox people should abandon their adamant nature against Muslim women and be ready to take the half part of the community in their way forward. Muslim society at whole is being abused for the fall of some orthodox clergies.

Marriage is a strong mutual contract. It necessitates maturity and awareness. Dowry system should be abolished throughout the ‘Mahal’s (Islamic Parishes). Muslim leaders should explicit their stand regarding this immoral system. She urged the religious leaders to come forward to eradicate the creeps and reinvest the glory of the community.

JIH women’s wing president, Safiyya Ali presided over the programme. Girls Islamic Organisation (GIO) president P Ruksana, JIH Kerala State Council member PV Rahmabi, Calicut Corporation Councillor Saifunnisa, Adv. Leila, State Council Member A. Rahmathunnisa also talked.

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  1. Shah Abdul Hannan

    Muslim women should have representation in Parliament and assemblies.Men and women have similar human rights(see OIC declaration of human rights)
    Muslim women should do everything with Hijab.
    Shah Abdul Hannan

  2. sharaf

    Muslim Women should have the right to become an IMAM or scholar as well. Why Muslim organizations are still lagging in this aspect.