Make the country freer, so that no one will be mistreated in the name of religion: Religious leaders’ message on Independence Day

August 16, 2021


Religious leaders virtually participating in Dharmik Jan Morcha programme.


New Delhi, 16 Aug. 2021: Various religious leaders and gurus, sharing their views on the 75th anniversary of Independence Day, stressed making the country freer, so that no one will be mistreated in the name of religion.


They expressed their views in a virtual programme organized by the religious leaders’ front Dharmik Jan Morcha, on the topic ‘Message of religious leaders to the country’s people on the 75th anniversary of Independence Day.


The Dharmik Jan Morcha is a joint platform, that promotes love, communal amity, tolerance and democratic values for strengthening cooperation and brotherhood in the country based  on humanity.

Those who took part in the programme included Shankaracharya Sri Omkarananda Saraswati Ji, of Prayag Peeth, Peethadheesh Goswami Sushil Ji Maharaj, Giani Ranjit Singh Ji, Head Granthi of Gurdwara Bangla Sahib, Acharya Vivek Muni Ji, of Ravidasiya Dharma Sangathan, Swami Veer Singh Hitkari Ji and Professor Mohammad Salim Engineer, Vice President of the Jamaat-e-Islami Hind.


Speaking on the occasion, Shankar Acharya Swami Omkarananda ji has said that on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of independence, we have to think again whether we are fully satisfied with this independence or not. He added, “perhaps, the country still needs to be freer, and we should create an India where no one is mistreated in the name of religion. The true sense of freedom will be seen when everyone will get the freedom that the Constitution has given them. We should not be afraid while walking on the way, no Hindu or Muslim should be afraid of anyone, and no one should feel discomfort from his neighbour, belonging to the other religion


Goswami Sushil Ji Maharaj, Convener of Bharatiya Sarva Dharma Sansad said, “we must respect everyone because freedom is not disrespecting another’s religion. But, unfortunately, a handful of people hurt the feelings of people of other religions with their character and words. We regret that no action is taken against such people.” Referring to a recent meeting of religious leaders with the Prime Minister, he said, “we had a good discussion with him. Still, I want to say one thing that those who are attacking each other in the country should be dealt with strictly.”


Sharing his views by joining online from America, Giani Ranjit Singh said that we got divided while attaining Independence from the British. Referring to the sorrow of the Partition, he said, “we have lost a lot, but now we should be united again. Through this programme, we send a message to the country to live together.”

Speaking on the occasion, Swami Vir Singh Hitkari, said, “Casteism is a big issue in the country, and we have to get freedom from it, too. It is the need of the hour to ensure the protection of the interests of the oppressed people.”


Congratulating all the countrymen on this occasion, Acharya Vivek Muni Ji said, “The word freedom is very beautiful. But a person’s freedom is meaningful only when the person exercises his rights within limits with dignity and follows his religion freely within the constitutional limits. We all Indians are like one family. A religion cannot allow hurting someone.”


Concluding the programme, Prof. Salim Engineer, the convener of Dharmak Jan Morcha said, “The Jan Morcha always strives to ensure that all people of the country live together with love and harmony. Our Constitution has given us the right to unity, justice, and equality. But, sometimes, attempts are made to weaken this idea. In such a case, the government must uphold the basic spirit of the Constitution.”


Referring to the communal incidents in Delhi and Kanpur, he said, “Those who are silently watching crime, injustice, and exploitation, all are indirectly supporting it. We should not support evil and try to establish the rule of law. Unless the weakest and poorest person in the country gets a chance to live with dignity, we will not be able to realize the true sense of freedom.”

Congratulating people on this occasion, all the religious leaders appealed to the people to spread the peaceful message of the Morcha.

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