Socio-economic development is impossible without freedom says FDCA chairman Prof. Muchkund Dubey on Independence Day

August 17, 2021


New Delhi, 17th Aug. 2021: Veteran diplomat and former Foreign Secretary, Professor Muchkund Dubey, sharing his Independence Day message has said that the socio-economic development of the country is impossible without freedom.


People from across the country joined the online programme, which was organized by the Forum for Democracy and Communal Amity (FDCA). The forum is a national body formed by several legal luminaries, renowned journalists, social activists, intellectuals and eminent citizens for promoting peaceful coexistence.


Speaking on the occasion, the Chairman of the FDCA, Prof. Dubey said, “we have got this freedom after a lot of struggle. Lakhs of people made sacrifices to achieve this goal. Our forefathers made these sacrifices because freedom gives self-respect and dignity to a nation.”


Explaining the value ​​of freedom, Prof. Dubey quoted freedom fighter Bal Gangadhar Tilak, who says ‘freedom is my birth right’. Prof. Dubey said, “no self-respecting nation can be deprived of this right, and without it, socio-economic development is impossible.”


Prof. Dubey said, “Dr. Ambedkar, while presenting the draft Constitution before the Constituent Assembly, stated that if we fail to implement the economic and social provisions of this Constitution, its political provisions will become useless and our democratic system will fail.” Prof. Dubey further said that when Subhash Chandra Bose was the President of the Congress, he formed a committee to consider the matter and make recommendations. “Rights of the minorities enshrined in the constitution to safeguard their customs, religious freedom, security and liberty to set up their educational institutions, were taken from this recommendation. Subhash Chandra Bose appealed to the majority to take care of the freedom of minorities, their religious freedom.”


Expressing concern over the new laws targeting minorities, Prof. Dubey said, “their basic rights are being deprived through laws, violence, and harassment by the police and investigation agencies. All this is happening according to a set policy. This has been an agenda of the ruling party for a long time. The present government is practically implementing it. No prudent person can believe that laws related to cow protection, love jihad are being passed in the states without the consent of the central government. The government is pursuing a policy of division. Social and economic progress can never be achieved due to it.”


Talking about economic policies, Prof. Dubey has said that the Indian government has handed over the country to the capitalists in the name of economic policies, neglecting the health and education sectors, consequently poor people are suffering.


Making some suggestions during his speech, Prof. Dubey advised, “the wave of communalism must be stopped. For this purpose, the minds and hearts of the people should be changed and the path of Gandhi has to be followed. This requires education, training and research. The Indian nation needs to be given a direction that is different from the communal and fanatic image. There should be a fundamental change in economic policy. Old institutions have to be developed. People related to the healthcare sector have to be trained and encouraged. It can be done only in the public sector. Under the Foreign Policy, India must first create friendly relations and a cordial atmosphere with its neighbours.”


At the end of the programme, FDCA National General Secretary and Vice President of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind Prof. Mohammed Salim Engineer, congratulated the people on the Independence Day.  He vowed to take this plea to the government that this country should be run as per the principles set by the forefathers of our Constitution and also pledged to strive together for taking the country on the path of peace, prosperity, love and justice.

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