Eid-ul-Fitr Address – Maulana Syed Jalaluddin Umari

New Delhi, 26 June 2017: On the occasion of Eid-ul-Fitr, the President of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, Syed Jalaluddin Umari addressed the gathering in Masjid Ishaat Islam, New Delhi after Eid prayers. The prayers were attended by about thirty thousand men and women.

The President said: “On this happy occasion, I extend to you all brothers and sisters, my heartiest greetings of Eid. After the month of fasting, Ramadhan and its rigorous training, this day of Eid is meant for thanksgiving and celebration. Today one should wear the best available clothes and also use perfume in order to express the feelings of joy and happiness. The Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) used to encourage people to celebrate Eid. Everyone should come for Eid prayers including women. The Prophet explicitly instructed women to be present and, listen to the Eid address (Khutba). A woman may share her scarf with another, to enable her to join the prayers.

One knows that in the month of fasting (Ramadhan), it is obligatory for a healthy believer to fast during the day. Similarly, it is obligatory on him/her to celebrate Eid when Ramadhan is over. On this day of Eid, to refrain from food would be Haram (transgression). Ultimately, the believer should obey Allah’s commands. One should break the fast as soon as ordered by God to do so. This total obedience to God is the essence of Islam. The month of Ramadhan inculcates the spirit of such total obedience to the Creator. The aim of Ramadhan fasting is to cultivate the power of control over oneself, so that one may carry out God’s commands. The lesson of fasting is that one should engage in one’s daily activities but always within the ethical limits prescribed by God.

Even on this happy occasion, we have to talk about mundane issues also. We must turn our attention to today’s world. It is an unfortunate reality that Muslims are facing some serious problems today. One prominent issue is that of terrorism. For any disruptive act committed anywhere in the world, Muslims are routinely blamed, without any evidence whatsoever. This tendency of media and governments to blame Muslims (without evidence) is very strange, in view of the fact that Islam does not permit disruptive acts. Muslims condemn such acts ambiguously and consistently. For instance, recently there were disruptive occurrences in the city of Mecca. They were uniformly condemned by all Muslims. No quarter of Muslim opinion approved of such acts.

Indeed, the Quran is the strongest voice in the world, ever raised against the unjust killing of human beings. The Quran says: “If anyone killed a person – unless it is for murder or for spreading mischief in the land – it would be as if he killed the whole of mankind. And if anyone saved a life, it would be as if he saved the whole of mankind.”  (The Quran, Chapter: 5, Verse:32)

Let us turn to the situation in our country. In principle, we have a democratic system of governance here. The system is regulated by a written constitution and the rule of law is given supremacy. In most matters, the law is supposed to be equally applicable to all; irrespective of rank, power, status or identity. But on the ground, the reality is quite different and is most deplorable. Today Muslims, are becomes the prime target of increasing lawlessness in the country. Their mosques are attacked and the police fail to protect the mosques. Instead, it arrests innocent Muslims and joins the miscreants in harassing Muslims. In the name of protection of cows, human beings are killed. Criminals are openly breaking the law of the land. It has become unsafe for Muslims to travel. Criminal mobs who enjoy state support, attack Muslim travelers and injure them or kill them. No effective legal action is taken against such murderers.

Muslims are also blamed for terrorism, in our country. On one hand, the ministers of the present government maintain that Indian Muslims have kept away from suchorganizationss as IS which is supposed to be terrorist group. But it is very strange that the same government, which says that Muslims are law abiding, is keeping behind bars, a large number of innocent Muslims.

They are detained on the unsubstantiated charges of terrorism. Such innocent persons are harassed, arrested and targeted; they and their families are virtually crushed. They have to bear such excesses for years together; for no fault of theirs’ except that they are Muslims. At the same time, the government shouts from rooftops that all are equal in this land and that the government wants to progress and prosperity for all.

We warn the transgressors that they may have power now but God is watching over their actions. You will have to face God on the day of judgment, when you will be held accountable before God. The guilty will not be able to escape divine punishment on that day.

The believers should remember that the religion revealed by God is based on truth. It provides comprehensive guidance for people. It can eliminate mischief from the earth. This religion ensures everlasting success in both worlds. Believers should not degrade themselves by begging before the transgressors. Instead, they should convey the guidance of God to all people. They should guide mankind and invite it towards the right path. The religion of Allah seeks to establish justice on earth and real peace is possible through justice only.

Indeed Allah guides to the right path whom He wills. The situation today demands that believers give up their lethargy. Let the Quran be their guide. They should uphold its teachings in their lives and communicate its message to mankind.  Believers should march towards success in the light of the Quran and they should lead mankind towards salvation. They should not become blind followers of the ignorant. Rather they should be enlightened teachers who show the right path to seekers of truth and who lead by example.


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