‘Enlightened by Quran’ massive gathering in Adilabad

December 9, 2010

As a part of ten day campaign of A. P. and Orissa on ‘Enlightened by Quran’ Jamaa e Islami Hind, Adilabad organized a programme. Malik mo’tasim Khan President JIH, A.P.and Orrisa presided over the programme. The Telgu Islamic Publications Director was the chief speaker of the programme. On this Mr. Malik Mo’tasim Khan told in his presidential speech that Quran is revealed on Prophet Muhammad S.A.A by Allah Quran is undoubtedly word of Allah. It emphasizes the social justice and equality among the people. Establishment of social justice is the foremost objective of the Quran. Quran worldwide view with a strong belief in the oneness of mankind provides a strong foundation for a peaceful society. Further he told that the solution to the problems of the present day world lies in the Quran. Particularly the world is facing the problems of injustice, terrorism, exploitation of the women in the name of freedom, peace and harmony and so on. It is the guidance for the entire human being. Quran deals with each and every aspect of the human being. Hence people should read it without any bias and get solutions to their problems.

Number of dignitaries’ of different social and political parties was participated in this great event. Hundreds of non Muslim and Muslim brothers and sisters witnessed the great event.

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