Quran provides solution to the all problems Justice, peace and equality: Ml Iqbal Mulla

December 8, 2010

Quran is revealed for the progress and prosperity of entire human being, it is not just for Muslims but for the entire human being. This is the Book of Allah which revealed before 1400 years ago, and since then guiding and will guide till the dooms day to the human being. It is the duty of all Muslims not only to follow it but also disseminate it among the non Muslim brethren. It is a pity that a major group of Muslim Ummah is disregard from their duty of spreading the message of Quran. these were the words of  Iqbal Mulla Secretary Dawah Jamaat e Islami Hind, he was speaking in a public meeting held in Nizamabad at Limra Garden Function Hall. Continuing his speech he told that, Allah will ask about this responsibility.

Introducing Jammat’s activites in the field of dawah he told, by the grace of Allah in the last 70 years Jamaat has translated Quran and other Islamic literature in 35 Indian languages which is the greatest task of the Jamaat  in this century. From its inception Jamaat has taken this task of conveying the message of Islam among the people of the nation.  He emphatically told, in this country we want justice to the people from all section of the society. He lamented over the condition of the women and told that in the name of freedom the so called civilized society exploited the women. Except Quran no other book provides guidance to the entire human being as they were changed by their followers according to their convenience.

The State secretary of Milli o Mulki Masail, Khwaja Arifudduin also spoke on the occasion, and told in his speech that we have sent to obey Allah and eradicate the evils and promote the righteousness for this cause Allah had sent hundreds of thousand messengers. Addressing in Telgu, Mohd. Rafiq told that Quran provides true guidance so all the non Muslim brethren should read it.

The programme started with the recitation of Quran by Yaqinuddin and Mohd. Muzaffar’s Telgu translation. Ahmed Abdul Haleem dist. president JIH, Nizamabad made an introductory speech. On this occasion prizes were also distributed among the winners of Quranic Knowledge Test.

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