Establish The Deen And Not Be Divided

January 31, 2010

“Time to time Allah sent Prophets (peace be on them) to the people to mend their ways and follow the right path. At last, a divine book and a complete guidance, the Holy Qur’an was revealed on Prophet Mohammad (peace be on him) to the whole mankind taking a span of 23 years”, said All India Ameer Jamaat-e-Islami Hind Maulana Syed Jalal Uddin Umeri in a two-day state level conference organised by JIH Tamil Nadu and Puducherry Zone on “Establish the Deen and not be divided” at Trichy, Tamil Nadu, on 30th and 31st January 2010. He stressed that the believers must realise that only Allah is supreme and He can do everything. He, speaking about the religion said, “It is not a blind faith, but it guides us in every walk of life viz, life, death, social problems, political issues, etc”. Qur’an says, “If you don’t follow Islam you follow satan. He emphasised that Islam preserves the fundamental right of people. It allows no discrimination between high and low, rich and poor, owner and servant, etc. Islam is not for some particular people or society but for the whole mankind, he added.

The conference passed some resolutions concerning wide ranging issues like Islamic Banking, dowry culture, total prohibition etc.

Unity of Ummah
The Conference urged and exhorted the Muslim community to tackle the challenges and crises and face them unitedly. It appealed the Ummah to be united in the name of Deen. The best course of action is to respect each who utters the Kalima of ‘La ilaha illallah Muhammadur Rasoolulllah’ and to blend with them with brotherly spirit and comradeship. It appealed to the Muslim organisations, associations and leaders of the Ummah to ponder over this decisive factor.

Registration of Marriages Act
The conference appreciated and welcomed the initiative taken by the state government for the enactment of Marriage Registration Law. It drew the state government’s attention to the time tested, successful, and age old tradition of registering each and every marriages solemnized in the Mosques being followed by the Muslims since time immemorial.

Let us curb this trend!
The conference urged and exhorted the Muslim fraternity to adhere and follow the basic Islamic principles of simplicity and humility in their marriage ceremonies. It bemoaned the rampant wastage of wealth, and unwanted rituals and rites prevailing among the Muslim community. It deplored the disturbing trend of ‘dowry culture’ prevailing among the Muslim community. It emphasised that the ‘dowry culture’ is against the ethos, conventions and traditions of the Islamic Faith.

Primary Schools
It appealed to the leaders of the Ummah to start primary schools in each and every village of the state. It reiterated that without education the community could never progress. Muslim community lags behind in education. Besides, in the present scenario, when education has been utterly commercialised the need of the hour is to establish primary schools. It will pave the way for the progress of the community in the field of education!

Price Rise
It urged and exhorted the UPA Government to curb the price rise which is affecting Aam Aadmi to the core. It reiterated and reminded to all concerned that fulfilling the basic needs of the citizens is the first and foremost duty of a welfare state. It appealed to the Central and State Governments to take effective measures on war footing to curb and control the price rise immediately.

Interest free banking
It appealed the UPA Government to implement the recommendations of the Dr. Raghuram Rajan committee and pave the way for the introduction of Islamic Banking in India It reiterated that the root cause for the present global financial crisis is interest based economy and speculative business activities. The best alternative is interest free banking.
Stop this obscenity!

The conference condemned the rampant obscenity prevailing in both the print and electronic media. It condemned the portrayal of woman as a symbol of vulgarity and as a commodity in the mass media.

Ensure free healthcare for every citizen
The conference appealed and urged the UPA Government at the centre and the DMK Government at the state to raise the funds allocated to sectors of Health and family welfare in their budgets.

Globalisation will lead us nowhere!
It reiterated that the prime responsibility of a government is to fulfill the basic needs of the citizens. It opposed the harmful process of globalisation and moves to privatise the service sector viz, education and health and dubs them as anti-people activities.

American Imperialism
The Conference opposed America and its allies’ efforts to control and subjugate independent countries. It condemned the atrocities against people fighting for their rights and the efforts to terrorize them and then to dub them as terrorists. It condemned the atrocities of Israel, and supported the freedom movement of the Palestinians.

The Qadianis are not Muslims!
The Conference declared that those who refute to believe in the Hadith, and those who disbelieve the finality of the Prophethood viz the Qadiyanis and Ahmediyas are not Muslims. Belief in oneness of God and belief in the finality of Prophethood are the foundations of Islam. Naturally those who refuse to believe them could not be considered as Muslims. By their disbelief they themselves have strayed out of the bounds of Islam. Hence, The Jamaat-e-Islami Hind declared them as non-Muslims.

Shut down TASMAC shops!
The Conference urged and exhorted the DMK Government to promulgate total prohibition in the state. It reiterates that liquor is the mother of all evils. It is an irony that the Government which propagates the thought that liquor destroys the family It appealed to the Central and State Governments to take effective measures on war footing to curb and control the price rise immediately.

Other Prominent personalities who addressed the gathering are Sheikh Mohammad Karakunnu (Vice President JIH Kerala), I.Karimullah (Chief Organiser JIH TN Conference), K. Jalaluddin (Shura Member JIH TN), Moulvi Hanifa Manbayi (Deputy Ameer JIH TN), Ahmad Hussainy (Member Advisory Council JIH TN), Luftullah Sahib (Editor Tamil Tafser of Holy Qur’an), Dr. K.V.S. Habeeb Mohammad (Vice President, Islamic Foundation Trust, Chennai), Shaikh Mohammad Karakunnu (Member Advisory Council, JIH Kerala), H. Abdur Raqeeb (General Secretary, Indian Centre for Islamic FInance), Fakhira Sahiba (State Organiser, Women Wing JIH, TN),

All India General Secretary JIH Nusrat Ali spread a light on the glorious history of the organisation. He said “The long was journey started on August 26, 1947. By the bless of Allah the organization covered its way and today it is well known for its endeavour inside the country and around the world”. He said that its policies were made for the betterment of society and community. It lays emphasis on professional and religious education since its inception. It welcomes the elite and educated people of the society to join the organization because they can leave positive impact on the society. JIH believes in unity in diversity. The organization realised it earlier and started literature in different languages to reach to the common man. Its policy has been made for the benefit of both Muslims and non-Muslim brethren. He said that its policy does not hurt the sentiments of any section of the society. Its policies and rules are not beyond our Constitution. We may have some differences but respect it. JIH always raised its voice against communal flare up raised anywhere in the country, he added. He stressed that it is our duty to convey the Holy message of Qur’an to the non-Muslims. The organisation has been developing human resources in every nook and corner of India for better tomorrow. It has been successfully publishing magazines and newspapers in regional languages like Dawat (in Urdu), Kanti (in Hindi), Radiance (in English), Madhaymam (in Malayalam), Samarasam (in Tamil), etc. In this modern era we have also reach to the websites in different language. The organisation is now planning to launch a T.V. Channel to convey the message to the larger extent. The organisation realised the potential of students that no movement can take place if students don’t play pivotal role in it. Students are the back bone of a nation and society. Hence the organization started the organization SIO (Students Islamic Organisation) in 1982. And by the bless of Allah this is one of the best students organisation in India. He regretted that today everywhere Muslims are looked down upon. He exhorted the community not behave as a gainer but perform as a donor. He said the country cannot prosper if the Muslims of the country are not given social justice and proper share cherished by our Constitution. He highlighted the efforts of the organisation it worked in disaster like riots, earthquakes, floods, tsunami, starvation, health care, etc. He said that the organisation always raised its voice for the victims of any disaster.

President Movement for Peace and Justice Maulana Abdul Azeez wondered that is it the same India Mohammad Ali Jauhar and Shaukat Ali dreamt? Is it the same India Nehru, Gandhi and other leaders dreamt? “There is economical crisis, political crisis, social crisis everywhere. It has become hard to live for a common man as the right way has been narrowed. Newer evils are striking the roots. What kind of freedom we are enjoying when there is anarchy everywhere. Where prisoners are gauged their eyes and innocents are kept behind bar till they are proved innocents. Our bureaucrats have lost their image. Debt-ridden farmers are committing suicide, land grabbers and black marketers are making money”. He cited that sole reason of these menaceand trouble is that the relation between Allah and people has been weakened and the only way is to return to Allah, obey His commands, work as our Prophet Mohammad (peace be on him) worked.

All India JIH Secretary and Editor Radiance Weekly Ejaz Ahmad Aslam while addressing the gathering said, freedom and liberty our forefathers visualised has been turned sour by our so-called political leaders and bureaucrats. We claim to have achieved 8-9% of GDP when 70% of India’s population survives with less than Rs. 20 a day. There are almost three crore cases pending in our High Courts and Supreme Courts which will take centuries to give justice to the victims. Assault to women, extra-judicial killing is not uncommon here. India is still a country topping in illiteracy. Schools in villages are in palpable conditions. He was amazed that India has ample lands, rivers, human resources, minerals, etc. then what made things wrong? He hoped that one day India will not only stand as a superpower in nuclear weapons, economics but also in morality, ethics and fellow-feelings. He exhorted the people to surrender completely to almighty Allah and follow the divine book Holy Qur’an.

All India Nazima JIH Atiya Siddiqa highlighted the problems of women cited the solution of women. She said the cause of social disorder that are prevailing in the society is that we has mislead from the right path. She said that today we have advanced in science but it gave us a sophisticated way of killing the female foetus in the darkness of mother’s womb. In the name of women empowerment some people are empowering nudity and lewdness. Women will be asked at the day of judgement about her husband and family how proficiently she handled it. But it is irony that today women prefer to work in a showroom or in a company. Divorce is also very common today. Dowry is also an alarming menace striking roots. She reminded that “We have the holy guidance of Qur’an to marry with least expenses. But it is pity that numerous girls pass their lives unmarred.

A non Muslim orator Pala Karuppaiya appreciated Islam and the noble work of JIH. He said he got up early in the morning as the sweet voice of Azan stroke his ears. He said that Namaz gives an opportunity to the people to assemble at a particular place, meet with each other. It unites and strengthens the community. He said Zakat is a very good step to empower the down-trodden people. “Allah will not only ask the people for what he did but will also ask what he could have done for the people and society”, he added. Admiring the Holy month of Ramazan he said, “All the festivals are celebrated with food and other eatable items but Ramazan deserts it, that shows tolerate, which is really admirable”.

Maulana Syed Jalal Uddin Umeri released the Conference Souvenir which was received by Professor Abdus Samad (Correspondent, AIMAN College of Arts & Science, Trichy).

An impressive Islamic Exhibition was also exhibited to show the true concept of Islam and its glorious civilisation it gave to the world.

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