Exhibition – ‘Highlighter’ Truth v/s Falsehood

September 9, 2013

Truth-vs-FalsehoodBangalore: An exhibition in support of the toppled President of Egypt, Dr. Mohammed Morsi, was held as part of a protest programme on Saturday 7 Sept 2013 at Qudus Sahab Eidgah ground Bangalore.

The exhibition has several pavilions. Each Pavilion covering different events that lead to toppling of the Egyptian President and Muslim Brotherhood government in Egypt to the present situation. The exhibition pavilion begin with a display of timeline of toppling of Dr. Morsi and aftermath followed by photographs, cartoons, scripts, and views of various scholars. Teachings of the Qur’an related to the crises were displayed in the last pavilion as take home message.

The theme of the exhibition was Highlighter- truth v/s falsehood. Tableau of wrapped dead bodies was laid down on the pavement of the exhibition hall alongside fencing sheets.  Ply cards with slogans such as “Sisi where is my vote?”, “Sisi you wasted my vote” were erected alongside the tableau of cadavers.

R4bia (read as Rabia), the yellow coloured sign with four fingers raised and thumb resting on the palm of the hand was being explained to the visitors. The sign has now become a global rage and displayed as sign of protest and resilience across the Arab World and on the social network. The sign has acquired its present form from the name of Rabaa al-Adawiya mosque, from where the resistance to the military coup started off.

The exhibition also had a video shed where speeches of Dr. Morsi and other documentaries on Egypt were being played for the visitors.

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    Assalamu alaikum,
    Please start such an exhibition at Hyderabad as well. We Muslims of Hyderabad and nearby regions are eager to know whats happening in Egypt and Syria. Please also create a special blog and upload the scanned copies of all those images documentaries etc in that blog, so that it will be easy for all the Indian Muslims and our Hindu brothers to have a look about Egypt happenings via internet.
    Assalamu alaikum