Reinstate the toppled government of Dr. Morsi

September 9, 2013

Reinstate-the-toppled-government-of-Dr.-MorsiBangalore: Representatives of Muslim organisations belonging to different thoughts and ideologies came together in a show of solidarity for Egypt’s ousted President Dr. Mohammed Morsi and his party- the Muslim Brotherhood. They addressed a mammoth gathering of about 4000+ men and women here in Eidgah Khuddus Sahab situated at Millers Road, on Saturday. They all were found striking the same chord on two issues: Reinstate the toppled government of Dr. Morsi and ouster the King of Saudi Arabia.

“May the incarcerated of Egypt’s struggle for legitimate government set free and rule the country the way Prophet Yousuf (pbuh) came out from his incarceration in the same country and later established the rule of Allah on the same land,” said Vice-President of Jamaat-e-Islami India, Maulana Mohammed Jaffer in his address. He said that the US is best at creating a hate figure, and then he is called a terrorist and presented to the world as a killer of humanity, Osama-bin-Laden is one recent and best example of it.

S. Ameen-ul-hassan, member central advisory committee of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, said: “When they could not win by ballot they resorted to bullet.”

He said, “The coup was a result of fear of Dr. Morsi’ success as a Muslim leader who was successfully transforming his country into a prosperous nation. His policies included interest free loan, increasing good relations with countries such as Russia, Brazil, China, India and Iran which made the western powers anxious and restless.”

State President of Jamat-e-Islami, Abdullah Javed, said, “The US and its allies cannot see other than their puppets ruling the Middle East, either they are ok with their puppets or the West loving dictators. But they cannot tolerate a democratically elected Muslim ruler who could not be their puppet.”

He cautioned, as India has second largest population of Muslims, those days are not far when they would start destroying us. They may not shed the blood right away, but they would suck our blood for sure.

He said after 9/11, ‘axis of evil’ was created and today ‘orbit of evil’ is being formed.

Mufit Ifteqar Ahmed deeply regretted the toppling of the Morsi government and held the Sauds of Saudi Arabia responsible for dancing on tunes of the US. He sharply criticized the King of Saudi Arabia for supporting Sisi.

Mufti Ashraf Ali, who presided over the program, said Muslim countries should come forward to resolve the crises as Islam is dear to all of us. He said that the present situation should have shaken our highest conscience in order to come together.

Moulana Ajaz Ahmed Nadwi, Moulana Kadir Ahmed Amiri, Najmul Hassan Rizwi and Dr. Belgaumi also spoke on the occasion.

At the end of the program, a memorandum was passed to be sent to the President and the Prime minister of India.

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    Puri Muslim duniya ko America aur western country apn aghulam bana rakha hai…. is ghulami se thoda bhi inharaf kiya to khairiyat nahi,egypt men Dr.Morsi iska Ek saboot hai.
    Allah sabhi muslim country men ittehad paiyada farmaye.