Flood relief work by JIH Tamil Nadu & Puducherry

December 30, 2015

Flood relief work by JIH Tamil Nadu & Puducherry

Due to heavy rains and the release of excess water from the dams, millions of people were affected in districts of Chennai, Thiruvallur, kancheepuram, Cuddalore. Jamaat along with SIO volunteers went to the field and were involved in the relief work rigorously.

The first stage:

Elders, women and children who were stranded in the flood in Adambakkam, Perumbur, Jamalia, Mettupalayam were rescued and taken to safety. Accommodation was arranged for the affected people at Dashamakhan mosque. Milk, bread, candles, breakfast and lunch were provided continuously for 4 days in Aminjikarai, BP Garden, Azad Nagar, Adambakkam, Velacherry, Saidapet, Dashamakhan, Kannigapuram, Puzhianthope, Ennore, Athipattu, Chindadripet, Pattabiram, Perambakkam and Avadi. Through this relief work, more than 10,000 people benefited in first stage relief work.

The second stage:

Starting from December 6, the relief work included removing debris, cleaning and providing medical aid. On December 6, the  drainage and stagnant water was also cleared in Saidapet’s Thideer Nagar. They also cleaned two streets, two mosques and two temples in that area. On December 7, stagnant water from Kotturpuram was cleared and also a mosque and temple was cleaned in the same area. They also cleaned the Government school’s campus and classrooms. ESI Hospital in Perumbur Highway was also cleaned.

On December 8, a medical camp was held at Puzhianthope along with ESI hospital. More than 400 people were benefited through this camp. On December 9, a medical camp was held at the railway platforms of Ennore, Athipattu and Puthunagar and more than 600 people were benefited. Further, on December 10 and December 13, medical campus were held again in Adambakkam and Ennore respectively. More than 1000 people were benefited through this camp. Medical camps were also held at Chindadripet and Kannigapuram. Many more medical camps are planned to take place as well. 2500 people were benefited in total through these medical camps.

Daily kits worth Rs 35 Lakhs was provided to the affected people. The kid included bread, milk, biscuit, mat, candles, water pots, blankets, water, groceries, pampers and clothes for babies and kids. These kits were provided to people in Mogappair, Ennore, Adambakkam, SVM Nagar, Ceonnagar, Kattukuppam, Athipattu, Puthukarai, Dashakhan, Puzhianthope, Kotturpuram and Kannigapuram.

Like Chennai, relief kits were also provided in more than 15 areas in Cuddalore District.  In this stage nearly 15,500 people were benefited by these kits.

The Third Stage:

As a part of the third stage, it is planned to provide school kids with bags, notebooks, pen and pencil as a kit. For people who have lost their business, self employment opportunities will be created. Houses will be built for those families who have lost their homes. Statistics are being taken for the same.

We hope that these relief work initiatives are carried out successfully and the affected people will be truly benefitted.

Yours Sincerely,

I. Jalaludeen

Secretary, Social Service

Jamaat-e-Islami Hind,

Tamil Nadu & Puducherry

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  1. Maaz

    As’salamu A’laikum, i heard that the JIH relief work includes cleaning of the temples which is forbidden in islam. I just want a clarification on it. Whether it is permissible to do that or not. Because a friend of mine said it can also lead to shirk which i don’t know if u guys can provide me proof regarding cleaning of temples is halal. So i can forward it to my friend. This comment was not intended to hurt feelings i just want a little bit of clarification on this issue. Please provide me a good answer for it. JazakAllahu Khairan.

  2. Shafeequr Rahman

    Assalamu Aliekum,
    After JIH AP division, under zonal activities we could not find JIH Telangana activities, can you please include this column under zonal activities so that we can get information of Telangan JIH activities, as I belong to Telangan and want to be updated frequently about Telangan JIH. thank you