Homosexuality is a threat to the society

December 23, 2013


Saturday, 21st December 2013
Islamic Centre, Mira Road

The issue of homosexuality is raising its ugly head again and this time the mainstream media is going overboard to support it. Arguments against this appalling trend are being either ridiculed or brushed beneath the carpet by calling them primitive or orthodox. It is very important that the other side of this debate is also looked into and judged by its merits.

Realizing the gravity of the situation, the Mira Road chapter of Jamaate Islami Hind (Mumbai) had organised a PowerPoint presentation on the topic- Homosexuality… an Analysis in Islamic perspective. The programme began with a recitation of a few ayaat from Surah A’araf where Allah has recounted the pervert inclinations of prophet Lut’s community. Thereafter, Dr. Parvez spoke at length on the topic of homosexuality, excerpts of which are presented below.


Homosexuality, to start with, is not a new concept. It has been here since thousands of years and finds mention in the Bible and Qur’an, where the story of Prophet Lut’s community and the divine punishment meted out to it is narrated. Towards the end of the last century, homosexuality was raised up as a human rights issue and started getting legal status in the ‘developed’ world. When this profane wave reached Indian shores, it was de-criminalised by the Delhi High Court in 2009. Fortunately, the Supreme Court lived up to expectations and reinstated its criminal status. However, just a week later, the Central Government has once again filed for a review of the SC verdict.

Epidemiological data suggests that this vice is more common in the wealthy crust of society, for whom social norms are irrelevant; and that it is prevalent in about 2-13% of modern western population.

Arguments in support of homosexuality:

The arguments raised in support of homosexuality are rather frivolous. Their lives are not their own, contrary to their claim. They forget that it has been granted to them by Allah and they would be held accountable for it in the Hereafter. This act is not natural either, as it does not fulfil the basic purpose of sex… propagation of species. Crime also comes naturally to some people, but that does not make it legal in any way, does it? Any deviant nature noticed in this regard seems more as a result of environmental or psychological disturbances. When man’s carnal desires don’t get a vent in the natural way, the perverted mind vents it out on whoever he can lay his hands on- be it man, child or animal. Man’s basic nature is to be attracted to women and vice-versa. It is for this reason alone that one partner in any gay union is always masculine and the other feminine.

People who call it an act of love should refrain from defaming the word, because homosexuality is pure lust. The act being consensual also does not vindicate it, because it would still remain unnatural and pollute society. There are some who present the example of western tolerance towards this act. These people better take a look at the sorry state of society in the same western countries, where the very concept of family is getting elusive. There are some others who argue that others have no right to interfere in their private affairs. This argument is both naïve and rebellious at the same time as it pays no attention to the severe repercussions of their ‘private’ act.

Social repercussions:

The social balance of society gets upset because of this trend. Man and women have some well defined roles in a society and family. Same sex unions violate these rules. The much venerated family system would be dismantled and we will witness a negative population growth. Society in all would be driven by base desires instead of values and morals. Again, legalising homosexual unions today would open the floodgates for euthanasia, incest and what not!

Medical repercussions:

There is a host of infectious diseases like HPV, Hepatitis B and C, Herpes simplex, gonorrhoea, syphilis and HIV/AIDS. AIDS, as a matter of fact, was first detected in San Francisco in homosexual patients. It’s no wonder then that South Africa, where homosexuality enjoys legal status, is home to the largest density of AIDS patients. Physical ailments like haemorrhoids, fissures and anal cancer are also most likely to accompany acts of sodomy. Psychological problems abound in homosexuals. They are patients of reckless sexual behaviour, depression, sadism etc.

Ultimate repercussion:

Religious scriptures tell us that any person who practices this blasphemous act will have to burn forever in hell if he does not repent before he dies. The Holy Prophet has also cursed the ones who practice homosexuality. Mass punishments in the form of plague and destruction can also be expected as has already happened in the case of prophet Lut’s community. The arrival and pandemic spread of AIDS can also be counted here in this regard.

Preventive measures:

Counselling and education can help in the long run to root out this social menace. Islam has stressed on early marriages so that the youth can satisfy their sexual desires through legal ways. For those who cannot marry early, regular fasting is prescribed. Also, people are prohibited from undressing in front of others, even if they are members of the same gender. Cross-dressing is also strictly prohibited in Islam.

Punitive measures:

Islam recommends capital punishment for those convicted of homosexuality so as to cleanse the society and make it pure. Section 377 of the IPC also recommends jail term up to 10 years for those convicted of this crime. The fear of punishment is a strong detriment, and just as it helps to prevent other crimes, it is very much needed to pull the reins on this crime as well.

Despite all these negative points, why is this obnoxious movement gaining so much momentum? Let’s have a look at these factors as well.

Contributing factors:

The mainstream print and electronic media has acted rather irresponsibly in this regard. Objective journalism has been shown the door and most news reports are now a reflection of the media house’s own ideologies. This is a betrayal of time-honoured journalistic principles. Also, the double standards employed by the media in covering social issues are quite out in the open now. Using terms like freedom of expression in one case and using terms like moral policing in the other speaks a lot about their bias.

The political top-notch has also come out to support homosexuality for reasons best known to them alone. Intellectuals like Kapil Sibal and P. Chidambaram have also stood behind gays, in an apparent contempt of the SC verdict. Talks of legalising this crime through legislation are now doing the rounds.

There is a huge commercial lobby with vested interests in homosexuality like the pornography industry and the tourism industry. It is a shocking revelation that 10% of the tourism market caters to gays!

The religious fraternity has also bowed down before this disgusting uprising. It’s a matter of great shame that Pope Francis has also hinted at legitimizing homosexuality in Christendom. It is all the more disturbing to note that Muslims, who were once instrumental in pulling out medieval Europe from the dark ages, have foregone their responsibility of leading and reforming society.

Our responsibility:

Our responsibility in this regard is two-fold. First and foremost, it is essential that we refrain from supporting the gay right movement in any form, as participation in promoting or supporting any vice is akin to perpetuating it. Secondly, it is our duty to pull the plug on this disaster-in-the-making before it receives legal sanction by all the possible means that our constitution empowers us to use.

The presentation was followed by a prayer asking Allah to keep us steadfast in these deceptive times and the programme thus concluded with a firm resolution on the part of everyone present to fight this social menace tooth and nail.

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  1. Anonymous

    This curse should be curbed right at this stage when it is taking baby steps to penetrate in Indian society. And in order to be able to get this curse eradicated at this infant age we all have to join hands together for a titanic struggle, and share a single platform against this evil or else India we have to be ready for that punishment of Almighty which demolished the most powerful nations of time. Also the eternal goal of this virtuous struggle can only be attained when we will have eradicated this evil from every part of this world…Insha’ALLAH, that day will also be witnessed soon!!!