Parents are our gate pass to paradise- GIO Mira Road

December 26, 2013

Parents-are-our-gate-pass-to-paradise--GIO-Mira-RoadWednesday, 25th December 2013
Naya Nagar, Mira Road.

Fathers have been described as the doors to heaven and paradise is itself said to lie beneath mothers’ feet. However, the relegation of parents in today’s materialistic society to mere workers and maids has had disastrous consequences. Hence, in order to remind the fairer half of Mira Road about the importance of parents, a grand programme was organised this evening under the aegis of Girls Islamic Organisation (GIO), the Girls wing of Jamaate Islami Hind.

The programme featured an hour long exhibition from 5:30pm to 6:30pm which showcased paintings and models created by the girls to convey the message that it is indeed our parents who are our paradise. Models also depicted the contemporary issues of the era and Members of GIO were elaborating on the themes behind each model with full enthusiasm. The exhibition was attended by scores of ladies and received very encouraging reviews.

Thereafter, as twilight descended, a passage of the Holy Qur’an was recited and translated in front of a huge audience with a very beautiful voice by one of the members of the Children wing of Jamaate Islami Mira Road. The crowds began to draw in even as the eloquent verses of the Qur’an lent a divine sense of serenity to the air. The attractive stage was then graced by Salma Baig Sahiba (Incharge Ladies Wing Mumba Metro), Bushra Nahid Sahiba (JIH Kurla) and other dignitaries including Principals of Schools.

Bushra Nahid Sahiba delivered a speech on “Walidayen ka Maqam, Hukuk aur Farayez” exploring the position of parents, their rights upon us and the duties we owe towards them. This was followed by a panel discussion, expounding upon Mere Walidayen Meri Jannat. This was nicely conducted by Ghazala Ansari, while Ayman Baig, Saima Khan and Ammara Khan were the panellists; the arguments that came forward during the discussion were readily welcomed by the audience.

An invigorating action song by Children’s wing infused new energy in the program; which was followed by a well-staged drama which helped highlight the kind of relation we have with our parents. The audience could relate to every character in the play and saw their own life been portrayed on stage. A picture, it is said, speaks a thousand words; but what this drama did was much more.

The nearly two thousand strong audience was then introduced to the need and various activities undertaken by GIO which include training and Arabic classes for ladies, Dawat, social campaigns, Tazkiya and tarbiyat, social issues etc. by Aamna Khanam

The concluding speech was presented by Saliha Khanam, wherein she spoke about the situation prevailed in society, evils engulfing the youngers at home, the spellbinding immorality being showcased in films and serials, impact they have on adolescent minds and many other relevant issues and their solution from Qura’n and Sunnah.

The programme thus came to an end with Dua and a subtle vote of thanks.

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  1. shakir mirza

    Allah ki nemat hain maan baap ao inki izzat ahtram kren or sab tak is paigam ko pahunchaen gio ki is koshish ko allah qbool kare

  2. Shah Abdul Hannan

    GIO is hope of future of Muslims of India.JIH should further strengthen the organization.
    Shah Abdul Hannan