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JIH Womens’ Wing holds international webinar on ‘STRONG FAMILY STRONG SOCIETY’

Posted on 20 February 2021 by Admin_markaz

Jamaat-e-Islami Hind’s Women’s Wing has held an international webinar on Saturday evening (20 Feb. 2021) on the central theme of its 10-day nationwide campaign ‘‘STRONG FAMILY STRONG SOCIETY’.  Global noted female scholars like Dr. Zeenath Kausar from Malaysia, Ms.Yasmin Moghahed from USA, Dr. Sabrina Lei from Italy, Dr. Mahera Rubey from UK, Ms.Shareefa Fadhel from Qatar, Ms. Rahamathunnissa, India etc shed  lights on different aspects of the campaign’s theme.


It was live at:



storng family webinar 20 feb poster

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