Introduce Islam to the World In a Better Way

February 16, 2012

Gulbarga, February 16, 2012: The plight of Umma in the present scenario perfectly reflects the saying of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) that the day will come when it will be attacked by the united opponents as the hungry men attack the dinning table. His companions(R) asked if they would be in a lesser number. The Prophet (pbuh) replied, “No, you will be in large numbers but will be without any influence and weight.” He said, “It will be due to fear of death and the love for worldly desires. The community which fears death is a dead community. The community that dares the evil, survives.”

These were the views expressed by Maulana Muhammad Yousuf Islahi, Member Central Advisory Council, Jamaat-e-Islami Hind. He was addressing a huge gathering here at Faraan College’s ground on Thursday, the 16th February. While continuing his speech he said that it was the forethought of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) which he preached so that the Umma should try to re-establish itself as the best community in the world as and when it was suppressed by the evil forces.

He said that this Umma will survive the testing times till the last day (dooms day) as it has the Quran with it. It is Allah’s promise that he has taken responsibility on to himself to protect the Quran and the same Lord will protect the Umma. He said that the whole universe is in the fingers of Allah. And Allah acts according to his whims and wishes; however, the devil forces try to destroy peace. Maulana said, “We do not have the ability to spread the word of Allah, but it is Allah’s will that has made it possible to spread his word through the very people who are opposing this message. The same he did in Prophet’s (pbuh) period through the acts of Abu Jahal, Abu Lahab, Utba, Shoeba, etc. and same he is doing today with the modern media which is playing in the hands of the opponents of Islam.  The opponents of Islam have depicted Islam to the humanity in a wrong way. Hence, it is our duty to introduce the Islam in a right way that it recommends to be.” He said that today Islam is the most discussed subject on the planet.

Quoting example from the book of Maulana Abul Hasan Ali Nadvi, he said that the Muslim Ummah should be upholder of Justice even if it goes against it as it was exhibited by an elderly renowned Islamic scholar of India during the British period when he had given witness in the court that the disputed land belongs to Hindus. With such acts of Muslims it looks that they are being defeated but only with such acts Islam wins the people. Today everywhere Muslims are being defeated but with every defeat Islam is winning the
hearts of the common people.

Maulana expressed his anguish over the fact that we are not practising Muslims. He called upon us to make our homes Islamic. He said that this is possible by imparting Islamic education to women also. By giving an example of Imam Shafai`s mother, he said that she was not happy when her son returned home with worldly bounties after completing his education on Hadees. She preached her son to donate whatever he had brought. When she saw that her son had kept 10 dirham with him for dinner, she asked if he had faith in that money and not in Allah. Maulana also quoted an example of Rabiya Basri. He called upon the people to obey the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) if they love him. He said that we love our ancestors as they had loved Prophet (pbuh) by practising his teachings in their true senses.

The program started with the recitation of the Holy Quran by Maulana Muhammad Siraj-ul-Hasan Jewargi. Jb Mohammed Yousuf Kanni delivered inaugural speech. Br Mohammed Bilal, Member SIO from Basavakalyan and Maulana Azharullah Khan Qasmi, Asst Zonal Organiser Hassa, presented a Naat to the delight of the audience.


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