Is it possible for a family to be happy if it disobeys its creator?

January 30, 2011

Human being is a supreme creation of god. He who lives happily in big houses with all the facilities can we call him just a pole or a pillar?  we should always remember Allah who has given us everything in this world, a husband who toils from dawn to dusk should be given a cheerful and his needs fulfilled by his wife, children should be nourished and taken care in the best possible manner and attribute of god fear should be inculcated in them, parents should be taken care as instructed by Quran and sunnah, cousins rights should be taken care of, if such attributes are missing in our family than it wouldn’t be an happy family this were the words spoken by Mrs. ammatur-razzak who is the organizer of j.i.h womens wing, who spoke on the topic  “how to reform our family”  in a  programme organized by women’s wing of jamaat-e-islami hind udupi, at board high school udupi.

The relationship between husband and wife is the best relation in the household. if they don’t have proper understanding than it even effects their childrens. According to holy Quran you are each other’s clothes or dress. As the dress protects from immodesty, it’s your duty to protect each other from it. If an wife angry with her husband turns to sleep with her back towards her husband for such a wife the angels curse them till the morning. That’s why a wife should be cheerful and help her husband out in all the times irrespective of happier or sad times. By such an attitude a husband gets very happy with his wife. Such a wife is eligible to enter the paradise. Children nourishment and proper training plays a key role in awareness of the society was said by her.

a woman should live as an obedient servant of god. Attributes such as truth, patience, god fear, spending in the way of Allah should be present in a woman. We are asset to our parents, children’s, brothers, and all the relatives of our husband. we should try not to violate their rights   was said by the president of girls Islamic organization, madeeha afshan on the topic “ideal women”.

Women should stay away from obscene or immoral field and should have more understanding on family and social matters. The companions of prophet (sahabi’s) and their mother’s should be our role model. women is as important as eye to an human ,in that sense a woman should be mature enough to accept the responsibilities of the family was said by shahnaz m. the editor of anupama monthly magazine who was here to deliver a talk on the topic “life  of women sahabi- a model life”.

In order for a woman to be independent she should be educated. By this she gets a scientific thinking that helps her to safeguard against all adversities was said by one of the guest namely jyothi guru prasad.

The banning of female feticide has given a new life to a woman. When she reaches maturity she has been given the right to choose her husband. By the saying that heaven lies beneath the mothers feet woman’s standard has been raised. These are all the high standards given to a woman were said by amaatur-razzak in her presidential talk.

sameena shukur, district organizer of j.i.h women’s wing welcomed the gathering and spoke few inaugural words. darse-quran was given by nafeesa fathima. humaira karkala and shahnaz kaup conducted the programme. farhat dawood and shahila haneef translated the respective speeches in kannada.  A play was presented on the topic “female feticide”. h.r.s member kulsum aboobakker presented the vote of thanks.


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