Islam has given women the legal right to inherit property – Maulana Waliullah Saeedi Falahi

November 30, 2015

Islam has given women the legal right to inherit property – Maulana Waliullah Saeedi Falahi

Maulana Waliullah Saeedi Falahi – National Secretary Jamaat-e-Islami Hind addressed a public meeting in the Milli Model School ground, Jamia Nagar New Delhi on 28th November 2015. The meeting attended by a large gathering including an equal number of women was part of the week long campaign – “ Distribution of Inheritance’’ organized by the Delhi and Haryana, South Delhi Unit of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind. Maulana Waliullah said that: ‘’Islam does not discriminate between man and woman. Both man and woman are held in high esteem by Islam and the only criterion for judging them is piety and not their gender. It is a fact that historically men have oppressed women and it is Islam which came to their rescue and gave them their due rights. Islam propagates balance and justice. Even today France does not recognize rights of women to get inheritance. Judaism does not give any property rights to women and the eldest son gets double the share of inheritance. Islam gives a share of inheritance to women in their position as wife, daughter and sister. There is no injustice done to her. Unfortunately some people within the Muslim community deny women these rights given to them by Allah and for which they will be punished by God. One of the reasons for denying women their property rights in Muslim society is the evil practice of dowry (‘’dahej’’) which has permeated within the Muslims from people of other faiths. Thus some Muslims feel that the property right of a girl has already been cleared when she was married and given dowry’’. Maulana Waliullah appealed to the Muslim community to follow the Quranic instructions diligently in matters of inheritance, ‘’meher’’ and marriage etc. The program was conducted by Janab Mansoor Ghazi – Secretary JIH Delhi and Haryana, who introduced the campaign, its importance and the various activities undertaken therein.

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