Jamaat greets world Muslim community on New Islamic Year

October 26, 2014

Jamaat greets world Muslim community on New Islamic Year

New Delhi, 25 Oct 2014: Jamaat-e-Islami Hind on Saturday greeted Muslims in India and the world on the occasion of the new Hijri Year 1436 and wished them peace, prosperity and progress.


In his New Islamic Year message, Mohammad Salim Engineer, National Secretary, Jamaat-e-Islami Hind urged people to introspect themselves to make tomorrow better than today.


New Islamic Year Pledge:

On the occasion of New Hijri Year, let’s do our individual and collective introspection truthfully and honestly and make a plan to grow our virtues and correct our shortcomings, so that we could make our future better than the present.


We should take not only ourselves out of apprehensions, fear and despair but also the common people.


We should establish true unity in our ranks and files and take the Millat out of opportunism.


We should expedite our efforts to bring the Message of Allah to common people particularly Hindu brethren of the country with our words and deeds.


We should work to solve the problems of common people and serve them selflessly.


We should strive against every oppression and injustice irrespective of who is oppressor and who the victim.


We should be aware of conspiracies against us and the country and try to save the country and Millat from them.


We should work to establish peace and justice in the country in collaboration with the Millat and the countrymen.

We should work selflessly and in an organized way to eliminate poverty, ignorance, hatred and violence, and to establish real progress, prosperity, and mutual love and trust.


We pray Allah to save the Millat in the entire world from all sorts of trials and tribulations and to send his support to us. We pray to Allah to establish peace and justice in the entire world, particularly in our country.


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