Jamaat grieves over the death of gang rape victim

December 31, 2012

New Delhi, Dec. 29: Secretary General of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, Mr. Nusrat Ali has condoled the death of gang rape victim during the treatment in Singapore today and expressed sympathy with her parents and family members. He has demanded the government to award harshest  punishment to the six youths who committed the brutal act with the 23-year-old medical student. The Jamaat leader also demanded justice for all the women and their families who fell victim to such brutal atrocities in last 20 years from Kashmir to Kanyakumari by bringing the culprits to book and prosecuting them in a fixed time frame.

In his media statement on Saturday, Secretary General of Jamaat said that in Independent India a number of women even pregnant women have been raped, abducted, their abdomen ripped open and set on fire alive, but our country never felt the pain of those oppressed women nor any voice was raised for them. However, though late, countrymen have now woken up and are raising voice against atrocities against women. At this occasion, I want to appeal to them to take the issue of dignity of women in wider perspective and do honest efforts to create an atmosphere where dignity and rights of women are respected, where women do not become market commodity and where women themselves are made to feel that they do not destroy peace of their life, their dignity and modesty by adopting the glittering but shameless and nude western culture.

Mr. Nusrat Ali urged the Muslim community in India to present the teachings and message of Quran and Prophet Muhammad before the countrymen at the time when the country is facing moral crisis. They should execute their duty to bring the country out of this crisis and prove themselves as the true well-wisher of the humanity.

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  1. muhammad sharief

    being the best ummah muslim community has to rise voice against all moral issues.muslims should adopt prophetic way of dawah.adressing and solving the issues is important aspect of prophetic way of dawah.in this crucial issue muslims has to preach moral teachings of quran and sunnah.

  2. sabir saleh shabibi

    Justice verma commettiee is going to amend RAPE LAW قانون الزنا والاغتصاب in India , Home Minister Mr. Shinde requests suggestions to be sent to justice verma on his following ID. If the Jamaat can send Islamic Law to them in this regards , would be the great service in the way of Islam. Thank you.

  3. sabir saleh shabibi

    his id is hereunder :

    [email protected]