Ameer-e-Jamaat congratulates Egyptian President on approval of new constitution

New Delhi: Ameer (National President) of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, Maulana Syed Jalaluddin Umri while applauding the people of Egypt has congratulated President Dr. Mohammad Morsi on the approval of the new constitution through referendum.

In a statement, Ameer-e-Jamaat said that by voting in favor of the new constitution  the people of Egypt have restored the Islamic identity and image of Egypt – the land of prophets – and by rejecting the un-Islamic system they have chosen the path to please the Almighty, which will send a refreshing message to the world and particularly Muslim world which is surrounded by problems.

Jamaat leader said the extraordinary sacrifices of the Egyptian people for bringing a fresh revolution in their country to put it on the Islamic track will be written with golden letters in the history.  The history will also never forget the exemplary sacrifices of the leaders and members of Ikhwanul Muslimoon (Muslim Brotherhood) to liberate their country from the imperialist and irreligious system of governance.

While applauding Dr. Morsi for taking over the rein with wisdom and diverting the internal and external conspiracy with great courage and good judgement, Ameer-e-Jamaat said the real success of his government would be to benefit his country with the system of Islam in the light of the new constitution so that Islam looks ruling the roost and the satisfied and peaceful life of Egyptian people sends a message of peace and relief to the world.

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  1. muhammad sharief

    many congratulations to dr.morsy and ikhwan as well, . Allah (swt) saved the egypt people from the cluthes of imperial forces. Dr. Morsy is is extra ordinary politician of the modern era. Referrendam proved that Islam is the alternative to so called secularism. Dr.morsy is the man of confidence, courage at one side and other side he did excellent job in diplomacy in critical conditions. We axpecting the same from . W. P. I

  2. muhammad imran

    “kya ye log Allah ke deen ke alawa koi or deen chahte hn jb k zameen o asman m jo kuchh jo h chahe na chahe Allah hi ki ita’at kr rha h or akhirkar inhe laut kr Hmari hi trf ana h.”(Qur’an)
    Allah Misr ki tabdeeli ko Islam ki nishate saniya ka pesh khema sabit kre.
    many many congratulation Dr. Mursi and Ikhwanul Muslemoon.

  3. Mohammad Afzal

    I congratulate Mr.morsi & ikwan for there courage, now target is to save the Palestine from arrogant jews is the ultimate goal of all muslims please get together to Us and Isra hell that we are united not divided……

  4. Touseef Ahanger

    Congrattulation to Ikhwanul Muslimeen……Congratulation to Dr Morsi…..

  5. shafeeque hashmi

    salam muhammad mursi and ikhwan gave right direction to all those interested in establishment of deen e islam

  6. Misbah

    Congrattulation to Ikhwanul Muslimeen

  7. Syed abdul basit

    Aoa! Coragulation to ikhwan of egyp from a will wisher of jamaat-e-islami from pakistan. As egypt were the land of prophets , sahabah , tabeen and other such graet people therefore Alah once again open his umbrella of rahmah on egypts. So Allah make the egypt as a start of islamic revolution in the world of subcontinent and the whole. Jazakalah