Jamaat hope friendly and non-corrupt government

May 21, 2013

MahazBangalore: Amire Halqa, JIH Karnataka State, Muhammad Abdullah Javed sb, along with the delegation of Karnataka Muslims Muttehida Mahaz met with the Chief Minister of Karnataka Mr Siddaramaiah at his residence and greeted him for being elected as the 22nd Chief Minister of the state. Speaking to him, the state amir reminds him of the ensuring the welfare state of the nation and stressed upon fulfilling the needs of the citizens of the state. The major highlights of his discussion with the chief minister being, transparent governance, corruption free state and historic initiatives to meet out the challenges that the state is facing. He later presented the chief minister with The Kannada Transalation of the Holy Quran and a book on the Seerah of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

Mahaz2The delegation that met the chief minister consists of Masood Abdul Khader, the convenor of Mahaz, Moluana Ifteqaar Qasmi, President Jamiat-e-Ulema Karnataka, Moulana Qadeer Ahmed Adaul Aamri, Rector Jamia An-Nooria, Bangalore, Moulana Maqsood Imran, Imam City Market Jamia Masjid etc.

Other issues like Muslims representation in administrative services were also discussed during the meet. Proceeding to the Assembly election in the state, KMMM had assured its support to the Congress which ultimately helped the party to come in power.

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  1. syed mohiddin

    Good work need such frequent meetings and interactions