JIH holding women’s conventions in Karnataka

December 31, 2013

Women Conferace

Mangalore, 31 Dec 2013: As part of nationwide campaign, Jamaat-e-Islami Hind Karnataka zone is holding women’s conventions in different parts of the state. Jamat-e-Islami Hind’s Karnataka State Convener Sajidunnisa Hubli is addressing these conventions as chief guest.

Women’s career-oriented approach is leading to commotion and problems in the families, said Sajidunnisa Hubli while addressing a women’s convention in Mangalore on 23 Dec. She said that every woman must first strengthen and establish her identity at home and should then think of career.

 “Today most of the women are after building their career, neglecting their children and family. It is due to such attitude of women that the families are suffering,” she said adding that in the male dominated society the women are becoming Miss world and Miss Universe but somewhere they have been failing to become good mothers, sisters and  homemakers.

She addressed another convention in Udupi on 24 Dec.

If a mother cares for her baby boy in instilling respect to girls and women; he would not be dangerous to women at any stage of his life.  Similarly, if the mother cares for her baby girl by instilling morality and proper use of hijab that would help her to keep away from social evils, said Sajidunnisa Hubli.

‘The children should be raised with good character without coming under the lure of western culture.  The money laundering on extravagant weddings and celebrations in the name of status in the community amidst several families affected by acute poverty are struggling to raise their children. What an injustice,’ questioned Sajidunnisa.

Jamaat-e-Hind Mangalore women wing convener Sajeeda Mumin, Anupama, women monthly magazine sub-editor Kulsum Abubakker, Hoode women wing convener Jameela Hoode spoke on different issues.

Udupi district women wing convener Sameena Shukoor welcomed the gathering.  Jameela Malpe presented the resolutions. Shahnaz Kapu and Shifa Manna compered the programme.

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  2. Qazi Shafiq

    Alhamdulillah, a great awakening with true islamic spoirit as well as far away from westernization of women where woman become a tool in the hands of businessman, advertiser,and so called emancipeter of woman. Great job by JIH women wing.It should be all over INDIA, where Indian women is thirsty of true emancipation of women.

  3. Shah Abdul Hannan

    JIH is doing well by emphasizing their work among women.Women rights and women representation are very important in Islam to establish justice among all
    Shah Abdul Hannan

  4. shakir mirza

    Allah ka shukr he jih ke dono pahiye ishaat e islam ke liye kosha hain. Islahe muashre ki achhi koshish

  5. sahil

    is there any branch jamaat islami jamunir

  6. Mohammed Ziaullah

    These Taluka Women Conferences have been great success where in women in thousands attended in most of the conferences.

  7. hassan

    any programme in bihar?

  8. Mohammed Amin Farhad

    Assalamu Alikum,
    ALLAHA will help the brothers and sisters of Indian Muslims and Islam.
    Mohammed Amin Farhad,
    ICT / MIS Consultant of World Bank