JIH Mumbai organized review and development program of selected participants

June 25, 2013


“The propagation of virtues and eradication of evil is noble and honorary task. The activists aiming for it should live lives like a Shaheen (Falcon), who can think beyond worldly desires and fully focus on targets, self reliant and self respecting”, said Zafar Ansari (Asst. Secretary of JIH for Development) in a 2 development program held at Aarey Colony, Mumbai by Jamaat-e-Islami Hind Mumbai on 22,23 June 2013.

The 2 day program is attended by selected activities gathered from different parts of the city and based on various interactive session on topics like reality of worldly life, Important of time in our lives, etc. Quizzes and examination also held on basic Islamic information for evaluating participants’ previous assignments. Special guests of the program are Zafar Ansari Sahab, Maulana Zaid Ayyubi Sahab (State JIH Secretary for Development) and Rashid Khan Sahab (Secretary, JIH Mumbai).

“The purpose of the program was to help participants to achieve their dream development they are aiming for. The propagation of virtues and eradication of evil is not a small and easy task, we have to struggle for it with full zeal and efforts and this program will develop them in long run” said Abdul Qadeer (in-charge of the program) said while introducing the program.

The program included various interactive discussions, questions and answers, open session with chief guests on various topics. This program is part of continuous part of Human Development Initiatives of JIH Mumbai under the name of ‘Vision 2015’ for preparing social activists.


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  1. khalid mansoor

    these types of work in islam is the peace of sign islamic development