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JIH Naib Ameer, Salim Engineer launches Dharmik Jan Morcha in Maharashtra, reminds people that religion is the soul of this nation

Posted on 12 March 2020 by Admin_markaz


10 March, Pune: The Vice President of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, Muhammad Salim Engineer inaugurated the Maharashtra Chapter of “Dharmik Jan Morcha” at an impressive ceremony at the World Peace University at Pune. Addressing the gathering the JIH Naib Ameer said: “One should realize that the miscreants and anti-socil element in society are a minority. Noble people are in the majority. Religion is the soul of this nation. Hence it is important for religious people to come forward to maintain unity, peace and harmony. People should share each others sorrow and happiness. Maharashtra is the land of saints and noble personalities. Hence, it is good that we are recalling the teachings of compassion and brotherhood from this land. All the people should come forward to maintain peace and brotherhood and we remain united. We must not limit these noble thoughts only for talking and discussion but we must implement them at the local level and in our society. Only then can we reap its rewards. Without implementaion nothing will change.”


Salim Engineer continued: “We will have to struggle to maintain and establish unity among people. This can be achieved only when we all work in an organised way. Struggling in an organised way can bring success to us. No religion teaches hatred. This place Dehu is the place of “Warkari Samaj”, It is a proud moment for them that we are initiating such noble work from this land. All the religious leaders should come on one platform to bring harmony , peace and unity among the people. We all are children of the same parents and we have to answer in the Hereafter about every deed that we do in this world.”

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