JIH Prez condolence message on the sad demise of Chairman of Markazi Talimi Board and ex JIH V-P Nusrat Ali

Late Maulana Nusrat Ali

New Delhi, May 2:  Jamaat-e-Islami Hind President Syed Sadatullah Husaini  has expressed deep grief over the demise of the Chairman of JIH’s Markazi Talimi board and former JIH Vice President Nusrat Ali, said.

In a condolence message,  the JIH President  said that Mr. Ali was one of those people who burned all their ships and dedicated themselves to the organization. Mr. Husaini added,  “Mr. Ali started memorizing the Qur’an during his childhood. After memorizing many of its chapters, he turned to modern sciences and completed M.A and taught as a teacher in a college for some time.  Later, he moved forward to serve the organisation and he never looked back, carrying out various responsibilities from local level to central level in several fields. An expert of organizational affairs, he rendered invaluable services for the organization while holding responsibilities from a national secretary to the Secretary General of the JIH. He was a member of the All India Muslim Personal Law Board and the All India Muslim Majlise Mushawarat and represented the Jamaat in various national fora. After national and community affairs, he had also keen interest in the field of education, having extensive experience of the teaching management. He had a clear vision and passion for promoting the work of the Jamaat in the field. Therefore, his services were taken in the field of education in the current term and he was rendering very significant services as the Chairman of the Markazi Talimi Board (Central Education board) and he had a determination to do a lot more. Simplicity, serious and logical discourse, understanding of matters and ability to solve complex organizational problems, insight into politics and national affairs and ability to give calculated opinion on these matters, discipline and sincerity toward responsible, hard work and a passion to carry out any duty with full dedication and determination were some of his character’s salient features. He used to spend most of his time at the Jamaat headquarters from dawn till late night. Among the elders, I did not find anyone except him more familiar with modern books and the latest trends in the media as well as the academic world. Besides Urdu, he was also proficient in Hindi language.  He was also very distinguished among the people in terms of his keen urge for knowledge and his passion for learning new things. With his demise, we have lost a valuable personality which had extensive and diverse experiences, understanding and determination. May Allah Almighty, bestow upon him choicest blessings, mercy and a generous gift. Aamen”


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