JIH President unveils Zakat Center India’s annual impact report

March 12, 2023

New Delhi: Jamaat-E-Islami Hind (JIH) President Syed Sadatullah Husaini has unveiled a Zakat Center India’s (ZCI) annual impact report in a ceremony held at the JIH Headquarters. The report has presented an overview of achievements by ZCI over the last year.

The ZCI, a pan India trust was established last year as an effort to perform collective system of zakat, with an objective to eliminate poverty and create a self-reliant Ummah. Zakat is the Fourth Pillar of Islam and every Muslim possessing the designated minimal amount of wealth (called Nisab) for the full cycle of a year must, as a matter of worship, pay zakat to poor, needy, debt-ridden, slaves/captives, in the cause of Allah, etc.

The annual impact report has given an overview of the schemes implemented, number of beneficiaries, success stories, etc. The ZCI initially started with 10 units and now it’s going to add 10 more totaling 20 units across India. The impact report has highlighted the major areas on which it worked during the last year, such as income generating activities like Livelihood, Rozgar schemes, Merit-cum-Mean Scholarship programmes, and Masawath Programme (Social scaffolding programme ) providing pension or aid to widows, abandoned women and  families of victims of atrocities.

The complete report can be read here: https://zakatcenterindia.org/zakat-impact/

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