JIH welcomes HC acquittal of Jaipur bomb blasts accused, demands compensation for them and action against police team

March 30, 2023

New Delhi, 30th March 2023: Jamaat-e-Islami Hind (JIH) has welcomed the Rajasthan High Court judgment acquitting those falsely implicated in the May 2008 Jaipur blasts, and demanded compensation for the acquitted persons and action against the police team that framed false charges in the case.

In a media statement, JIH Vice-President, Prof Salim Engineer has welcomed the Rajasthan High Court judgment in the Jaipur bomb blasts case, in which Jaipur bench’s Justice Pankaj Bhandari and Justice Sameer Jain overturned the order of the trial court that awarded the death sentence to the four accused in the case. However, Prof Salim pointed out that the judgment raised some disturbing questions. “As the accused have been pronounced innocent, it implies that the real perpetrators of the crime are still at large. Will the government set up a new team to inquire into and trace the criminals who planned and executed the blasts? It must do so as justice has still evaded the relatives of those who died in the blasts. The issue of justice for the victims of the blasts is very important and should not be ignored. The High Court has identified various flaws and gaping holes in the investigation that led to the accused being falsely implicated in the case,” he said.

Agreeing with the court that the guilty police officers who framed false charges should be identified and punished, Prof Salim said “the police often wilt under political pressure and end up in framing the innocent.”

The JIH Vice-President demanded compensation to the five acquitted as they lost 15 years of their precious lives in jail because of the false cases built against them. “Moreover, their families endured their incarceration with the added disgrace of being labeled as a family of “terrorists”. It is a problem of our society that presumes the accused to be guilty without the charges being proved. Jamaat believes that the judgment is yet another example of how the state has completely failed in tracing the real culprits behind the various acts of terror in the country but has been eager to target innocents using draconian laws and thus destroying their lives along with their families. It has weakened our democracy and undermined the civil liberties of ordinary citizens. Jamaat also lauds members of civil society who took cudgels on behalf of the innocent and played a pivotal role in pursuing their case through a team of competent lawyers,” Prof Salim added.

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