Ramadan, the Month Of transformation and change: JIH President

March 25, 2023

New Delhi: In his message on the commencement of the holy month of Ramadan, Jamaat-E-Islami Hind (JIH) President Syed Sadatullah Husaini has said it is the month for change and transformation.

In a message on this occasion, the JIH President has asserted that the real purpose of Ramadan is to bring about a comprehensive positive change in the individual lives and the collective affairs of Muslims. He said, “the most prominent reflection of this change is the sincere dedication and love of Allah and strengthened bond with Him, complete obedience to His orders, and following His commandments in all aspects of life. Another important aspect of this change is “taqwa” or God’s consciousness at all times, and developing an attitude to lead a responsible life. A strong bond with the Holy Quran and nurturing the ability to think, see and develop a temperament and personal character along the lines of the Quran, is also a vital part of this desired change. The fourth reflection is the increase in willpower and discipline for the implementation of the Quranic commands. Another aspect is to feel and share the sorrow and pain of the poor and deprived and a marked increase in the feelings of empathy and compassion for the needy and the destitute. One more specialty is hard work and exerting oneself by utilizing time correctly and efficiently.” He added, “if this transformation happens in its fullest sense, the individuals and the society become a beacon of enlightenment and compassion for the whole of humanity.”

Mr. Husaini said, “it is our responsibility that we should not confine ourselves to the rituals and external aspects of fasting and other Ramadan worship but to try to focus on the objectives and spirit of fasting and make it a month for real change and transformation. May Allah make this month for the desired change and transformation. Ameen!”

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