Joint Advisory by Muslim Organizations and Scholars (Ulema) to Muslims on the occasion of Eid-ul-Adha

joint advisory by jih on eid ul adha

23 Aug, New Delhi: Eid ul Adha will be celebrated InshaAllah after a few days. ”Eid Mubarak” to all of you. Please take care of the following important things during Eid.

  1. This time, due to a particular situation you may encounter certain difficulties in procuring and sacrificing the animal for ”Qurbani”. Despite these difficulties, the people who can afford it should definitely perform the Qurbani (sacrifice). Just because of difficult circumstances, you should not become negligent of this important responsibility. In fact, you should help each other and observe the qurbani in the same manner as you have been doing previously. One should always keep in mind the warning given by Prophet Muhammad (SAW) that: “the person who does not offer Qurbani despite having the means to do so, should not enter our Eidgah”
  1. Qurbani is not merely a ritual or a custom but it is a Sunnah of the Prophet Ibrahim (peace be upon him) which the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) followed. Qurbani is an important form of worship. It cannot be replaced by some other acts of piety. Therefore one must obey and follow the injunctions of Deen and Shariat. Please ensure to recite the ”Takbeer” during the days of Eid.
  1. Do not offer the Qurbani on the roads, footpath and pathways, rather perform the Qurbani in open spaces. Kindly ensure that you are burying the blood and entrails of the animal in the earth after the Qurbani. Kindly ensure the highest level of cleanliness and hygiene.
  1. Try to perform the Qurbani at a collective (ijtemaee) level in neighborhoods, towns and cities. Meaning you should try to procure a ground or space where people can bring their animals and do their Qurbani.
  1. Do not give chance to your actions and behavior for any kind of complaint to your neighbors especially those belonging to other faiths. You should not allow relations to become strained and must exercise maximum self-control and self-restraint. You should not take the law in your hands under any circumstances.
  1. You should form a committee comprising of some senior and serious citizens, a few days before Eid. This committee will be responsible to keep an eye on the situation, control the situation if required and prevent it from deterioration and ensure that the whole process of Qurbani passes off smoothly under their supervision. This committee should also keep in touch with the local administration and draw their attention towards maintaining law and order in the area.
  1. Avoid spreading rumors. If you come across news of some unpleasant incident then immediately bring it to the notice of the above-mentioned committee and take the necessary action only after thoroughly cross-checking the veracity of the reported incident. The central mosques should encourage Muslims to perform Qurbani and also explain the various jurisprudence matters (masaail) related to Qurbani.
  1. And lastly pray to Almighty Allah that this Eid proves to be a blessed one for our community, for the country and the whole world.


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