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Joint Declaration Issued at the meeting of heads and representatives of the various Muslim organizations

Posted on 14 September 2019 by Admin_markaz


An august gathering of Muslim scholars, Ulema, intellectuals and heads of various organizations held a special meeting held today, 12th Sept 2019, at the BIFT – Bengaluru. They deliberated on the prevailing situation in the country. A sense of unease and anxiety was expressed about the social, political and economic situation in the country in the context of the completion of 100 days of the NDA government which came back to power once again. An appeal to the government and people at large was made by the gathering which can be read below:

The Indian Government:
It should be remembered that it is the duty of the government to impartially work for the progress of the nation and benefit of all its citizens. It should strictly abide by the law, Constitution and moral code at every level. We request the government to fulfill the demands of true democracy, justice, plurality and federalism (including cultural federalism).

We are concerned about the authoritarianism being practised in the garb of democracy. The recent passage of draconian laws like UAPA, RTI amendment etc., are highly objectionable.
Democracy is all about discussion, dialogue and taking care of diverse opinions and striving for a consensus while taking decisions. It should reflect public confidence, justice and fair play. The manner in which legislation regarding Muslims Personal Law has been enacted without bothering or taking into consideration the opinion of Muslim scholars, leaders or masses smacks of utter disregard to democratic norms and the cultural federalism that our Constitution reflects. We condemn the Triple Talaq bill as defective, unnecessary and an encroachment on the freedom of religion as guaranteed by the constitution.

The decision regarding Jammu and Kashmir has resulted in the whole valley being locked down with no regard to the opinion of local leadership or population. This has sullied our fair name in international circles. We demand that the dignity and basic rights of Kashmiri people be restored immediately and the communication blockade be lifted.

The dire situation of our economy in terms of falling GDP, rising unemployment, declining production, neglect of farmers, support to corporates and the misuse of RBI reserves — all point to an economic slowdown. Economic growth and justice needs to be taken seriously by the government rather than hiding the truth. The rampant corruption, political vendetta, lack of values and poor governance are a matter of concern. The government should not tamper with the independence of institutions like the CVC, Election commission, CBI, RBI, Lokpal and the Judiciary.

Efforts should be made to create an atmosphere of trust, love and harmony in the country across all the sections of society.

The Indian people at large:
The plurality of our country and the principle of unity in diversity need to be recognised and respected.
We should not be misled by the communal, materialist and fascist designs of the Hindutva forces, which is harmful to the country in the long run.

We should collectively work for establishment of good, eradication of evils, communal harmony and moral upliftment.
We need to build strong bonds of humanity, universal brotherhood, peace and justice in our country.

Muslim Organisations and Youth:
We also appeal to the various Muslim organisations to come together more often and devise a common minimum program to tackle the issues facing the community. There is also a need to build a strong civil society in cooperation with other NGO’s and peace loving and justice minded people. There is a need to guide the youth to shun inaction and despair and to engage in positive democratic struggle for their rights and to undertake constructive efforts for socio-economic and educational progress.

Signed by
Syed Sadatullah Husaini

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