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Sharing the sorrow of an anguished mother

Posted on 16 September 2019 by Admin_markaz


New Delhi 08 Sep: A team of ladies from the Jamaat-e-Islami Hind comprising of Juveria Khan, Shaista Rafat and Nuzhat Yasmin visited Sangeeta – the mother of Sahil, in order to offer condolences and share her grief. Sahil was a handsome 23-year-old lad from Adarsh Mohalla of Maujpur Area, who was brutally beaten up on the evening of August 30 (Friday).  As soon as she met these sisters from Jamaat, who she was interacting for the first time, hugged them and started weeping. She was anguished and inconsolable. She narrated her tale which was filled with agony and grief.


Her son Sahil was a tall, handsome boy who loved sporting a beard. He was the sole breadwinner of the family. On Friday, some of Sahil’s friends were passing through Gali no. 5 also known as Pandit-wali Gali in Maujpur.  A man and his son along with some others stopped them. The man asked the group why they were passing through a lane inhabited by Pandits and then started beating his friends. Upon hearing that his friends were being beaten up, Sahil rushed to the spot to help his friends. The man also accused Sahil of trespassing the Pandit-wali lane and thrashed him. According to Sangeeta, the man was helped by his son and both of them appeared to be drunk. During the melee, Sahil’s friends called out his name and told him to come again later for his keys. This according to Sangeeta proved to be fatal for Sahil, as his name which sounded that of a Muslim along with his beard, convinced the duo from Pandit-wali Lane that Sahil was a Muslim. They simply pounced upon him and beat him up mercilessly. He pleaded for help and also apologized, but his pleas fell on deaf ears. He fell down and was lynched.


After this grievous assault, Sahil somehow managed to come home and fell in his mother’s lap and narrated how he was thrashed by people in Lane number 5. He complained of breathlessness and pain and fell unconscious. Upon being taken to hospital he was declared brought dead. Sangeeta also claims that eye-witnesses and Sahil’s friends told the police that there were more people involved in the lynching of Sahil but the police took away only the father-son duo. She said her son was tall and hefty and could not have been beaten to death by just two people.  She also says the entire lane was saying that a Muslim boy had been killed. It was only after a day that the misunderstanding was cleared and the people realized that the victim was in fact a Hindu. Sangeeta feels that the police are siding with the accused and are hiding the CCTV footage.


Sahil was taking care of his father’s construction material business. His father had stopped working due to a heart ailment. The 23-year-old is survived by two other siblings. Sangeeta’s rues her helplessness as she could not save her son’s life, even as he reached his house and collapsed in her arms. She will always deplore the fact that nobody from the Gali came out and helped her son.


Sangeeta wants justice for her son and asked the Jamaat-e-Islami Hind team for help and support her. She was assured of complete help and solidarity. The Jamaat ladies also spoke to the neighbors, asking them to help Sahil’s mother stay strong. They urged Sahil’s neighbors to form a group to ensure that no person is ever harmed. The Jamaat team reminded them that – “we are all one family and it is our duty to stand together in this hour of need.”

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