Meri Beti Meri Izzat campaign organized in Mumbra

January 27, 2013

Mumbra: “Meri Beti Meri Izzat” (My Daughter My Dignity) campaign was organized by the women wing of Mumbra units of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind (JIH) and Girls Islamic Organisation (GIO) from 14th to 24th January. The campaign concluded with a grand Women’s Conference on 24th Jan 2013 at Dongre Compound.

The main objective of this program was to spread awareness about the social evils that are spreading rapidly in our society like vulgarity, declining of Hijab, Nudity, blind following of western culture, exploitation of women in the name of freedom, adultery in the name of love etc.  The message was spread through speeches, dramas, Poem/ songs, video shows etc. There was also an exhibition highlighting the dignity of women, women’s rights in Islam & importance of Hijab.

The program started with recitation and translation of Holy Quran by Ms Mahejabeen (Secretary Girls Islamic Organisation, Mumbai Division). Islamic songs praising Allah and admiring his qualities were sung. Introduction of the whole program was given by Mrs Saleha Khanam, president of JIH women’s wing of Mumbra. Quoting surah Ahzab: ayat 59, she emphasized the importance of Hijab and shyness. Vulgarity, nudity, lack of Hijab etc are the causes of social evils. There is an urgent need for the establishment of the Islamic system of parda in society, she said in her speech.

A dialogue was presented criticizing female feticide. Many other stage shows were presented on the same topic. Aisha Kotcha (a revert to Islam) gave a heart-touching speech while describing her return to Islam.

Saleha Saadique gave speech on “From darkness to light” in which she gave an introduction of GIO and its activities etc. She said the aim of GIO is to make Muslim girls the true daughters of Islam and prepare them for Islamic duties. She also emphasized the importance of parda by quoting various Hadeeth.

A drama was presented which portrayed the ill effects of western culture.

Salma Baig, the president of JIH women’s wing, Mumbai said that before Islam women were look down upon everywhere, it is Islam which gave them dignity, rights and identity. She also said that no other religion or law gave women as many rights as Islam did.

A beautiful Islamic melody was presented by GIO girls. Farhat Naik, director of IRF (Islamic Research Foundation) gave speech on “Islam; the only refuge and the last resort for women”. She said the entertainment Media are propagating the western agenda of spreading the western culture and uprooting the Islamic values. Islam is the only way towards success in this world and hereafter.  She emphasized the importance of Quran and sunnah in our life.

Presidential address was delivered by Mrs. Atiya Siddiqa, National Secretary, Women Wing of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind.

The campaign received overwhelming response from the whole society. The gathering of women seemed to be very enthusiastic and serious. They attended the 5-hour program without break with the same enthusiasm and interest. The whole environment was quite emotional and spiritual. Many women burst into tears during various speeches and presentations.

Almost 80% of Mumbra was covered during the whole campaign, and about 10 thousand women and girls were approached with the message.

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  1. abuaasia

    Excellent work . Very very good news.

  2. nikhatshama

    Mashallah I am very happy to know about this campaign ,i will recomend this all over India.

  3. Ummeasadullah

    Very well mashallah

  4. Ansari aabiya

    Masha Allah
    Its very encouraging forl muslim girls