Jamaat appeals to people of Gujarat to dethrone communal fascist party

December 8, 2012

Press Meet 8 Dec 2012 Gen Sec Janab Nusrat Ali Saheb

Press Meet 8 Dec 2012 Gen Sec Janab Nusrat Ali Saheb[/caption]New Delhi: Jamaat-e-Islami Hind has ruled out any patch-up with communal parties in Gujarat. JIH General Secretary Mr. Nusrat Ali, while addressing monthly Press Conference at Jamaat headquarters on Saturday (8th Dec.) said Jamaat cannot support political parties who are votary of fascism and communalism. He asked people to support candidates who have clean image and who promote communal harmony in the society.

Addressing pressmen both from print and electronic media, Mr. Nusrat Ali strongly condemned recent amendments to Unlawful Activities Prevention Act (UAPA) saying they will make the law more stringent and draconian. He demanded annulment of all black laws including UAPA.

After coming to power in 2004, the UPA government had annulled POTA yet by incorporating all its oppressive and barbaric sections into UAPA it transformed it into a black and repressive Act. Secret agencies and police exploited this Act in the name of combating unlawful activities and Maoism, and consequently, hundreds of innocents have been put behind bars, he said.

On the issue of Assam conflicts, Jamaat leader stressed rehabilitation of the affected people. He demanded protection of rights of Bodos and Muslims, end to campaign of declaring Assamese Muslims as Bangladeshis and seizure of arms from Bodo terrorists. He also informed the mediapersons that Jamaat has already spent over Rs 3 crore on relief and rehabilitation work in Assam.

While taking up the hot issue of FDI, JIH General Secretary Mr. Nusrat Ali strongly opposed the UPA government’s decision to allow FID in retail section saying it will the interests of poor masses. He demanded withdrawal of FDI in retail and strengthening of public distribution system.

On international issues, he welcomed the non-member observer state status granted to Palestine in the United Nations General Assembly. He expressed pleasure over Hama leader Khalid Mashaal’s visit to Gaza after a long 45 years of exile. Mr. Nusrat Ali also welcomed the positive changes in Egypt. He urged both Egypt and India to strengthen their bilateral relations and overcome the external pressures.

Referring to a news story in MuslimMirror.com, some members of the press community sought Jamaat leader’s comment on Journalist Praveen Swami’s latest allegation wherein he described Jamaat as part of Jihadist network in India. Replying to their queries, Jamaat leader said: From his past records of such baseless allegations against Muslims and Muslim organizations, it seems making such allegations is a fixed role and job of Praveen Swami. He said the latest allegation is baseless and highly condemnable. When asked if Jamaat would take any action, Mr. Nusrat Ali said Jamaat is considering various options including legal suit and complaint with Press Council of India.

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  1. md.sharief

    jih monthly pressmeet is a good one,but jih has to adress these issuse directly in public also, unfortunately large number of cader is unaware of these stands of jih on different issuse. In my view jih has to organise a massive campaign against fdi and corruption issues.