Resolutions of Central Advisory Council of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind on 5 Important Issues

December 5, 2012

Jamaat-e-Islami Hind held its Central Advisory Council (CAC) session at Hira Centre in Calicut, Kerala from 30 November to 3 December 2012. The resolutions adopted in the session are hereunder:

1. UAPA Amendments
This session of Central Advisory Council of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind expresses its grave concern over the UPA government’s getting approved the Unlawful Activities Prevention Act (UAPA) amendments, which have rendered it more stringent and barbaric, by the Lok Sabha in utter haste and without any discussion thereon.
Although, after coming to power in 2004, the UPA government had annulled POTA yet by incorporating all its oppressive and barbaric sections into UAPA it transformed the Unlawful Activities Prevention Act into a black and repressive Act. There are umpteen cases to prove that the government, secret agencies and police exploited this Act very cruelly and in a wrongful manner in the name of preventing unlawful activities and countering Maoism. As a result of this, today hundreds of innocents are passing their life miserably behind bars. They are tortured in a barbaric manner; the members of their families are living in utter misery and grief. The barbarism of the government and agencies is targeting Muslim youth most. Muslim organisations working on peaceful, democratic and constitutional lines were banned many times under this law, and this practice is still continuing. These circumstances have landed the Muslim community, especially its new generation, in a state of fear and terror.
The recent amendments empower the government to ban an organisation for 5 years instead of (earlier) 2 years on charges of unlawful activities; similarly, the cases of financial crimes and fake currency have been also incorporated in this law. The CAC feels that now it has become easier for the government to haul an individual or business enterprise for backing directly or indirectly the so-called terrorist activities. The government has got the power not only to impose heavy penalty on an individual or enterprise but also to confiscate his/its properties. By excluding undivided Hindu families from the purview of this Section, a purely communal colour has been also given to it. The CAC apprehends that after this amendment, the police and secret agencies might harass and blackmail the business community, especially Muslim businessmen and well-off persons.
The CAC believes that the desired Sections to contain and prevent terrorism and other such crimes and activities are already there in the Criminal Procedure Code. If they are applied honestly, all such dangers and crimes can be easily tackled. Besides, the circumstances have proved that black laws like TADA, POTA, MACOCA, UAPA and AFSPA have not only failed rather miserably in preventing terrorism and illegal activities but also become a big source of violation of human rights and constitutional provisions.
The CAC severely condemns recent amendments to the UAPA and demands from the Government of India to annul all black laws including UAPA. The CAC gives a call to justice-loving citizens of the country, human rights organisations, Muslims in India and other deprived and oppressed sections of society to launch a countrywide movement for the

JIH Shura Council Meeting 30 Nov – 3rd Dec 2012

annulment of these black and barbaric laws.

2. Assam
Assam was known as a state of Awadhi rivers, red mountains and tea gardens but now ethnic cleansing, Muslim enmity, extremism, fear and uncertain situation have become its identity. Recent massacre of Muslims and rendering them homeless in Kokrajhar and Charang, etc. is a deplorable incident; and the worse is calling it a Hindu-Muslim clash and declaring Bangladeshi infiltrators responsible for this is tantamount to calling cause of sin worse than sin itself. The CAC condemns these ever newer ways of ethnic cleansing and depriving citizens of urban rights. Fascist forces made communal riots happen, levelled horrible charges of terrorism against Muslim youth but when the courts of law started declaring them innocent, one more strategy is being experimented by making their citizenship doubtful. This session of CAC looks at this trend with concern and condemns this lie in severest terms. The fact remains that 150 years ago the English made Bangla-speaking Muslims settle down there just to increase the revenue of tea gardens. Now their five or six generations have lived there. Calling them Bangladeshi infiltrators is either ignorance of the history of India or an attempt to misguide the masses willingly and shamelessly with the help of lies and deceit. One injustice done to the Bodos was that they had been kept deprived of their rights for a long period. Now the other extreme of injustice is that the districts that do not have their majority have been included in BTAD. Fascist forces taught them the easy but brazen way of creating their majority by ousting the Muslims from their native land. Rendering homeless over 4 lakh Muslims is a deplorable incident in the history of India; this session of CAC feels that the Bodos are enjoying silent support of state and central governments for their barbarism.
Exodus of North-eastern people from Bangalore and Southern States in large numbers is sad and a blot on the grand culture of tolerance in our country. It is said that it was effected by an SMS campaign. Mastery in creating fear and terror, telling lies and making them public is the feat of certain parties here that go on scaling the political ladder by spreading hatred and creating chasms among the masses. But the irony is that the media imposed the blame for it on the community that has been already at the receiving end of terrorism. This session of CAC demands from the justice-loving people not to disseminate these rumours without verification, and to ascertain the real elements who go on dividing human beings on the bases of religion, colour, race, area and language.
This session of CAC demands from the Union Government:
(1) To effect legal amendments to protect and ensure the rights of Bodos and Muslims in order to undo the injustices incorporated in the BTAD Accord in Assam.
(2) To put an end to the unholy campaign of declaring the Assamese Muslims and a section of general Muslims as Bangladeshis, and to bring this issue to a logical end with a decisive legislation on the issue of migration.
(3) To take back arms from Bodo terrorists, to restore the right to live for the Muslims, and to remove the atmosphere of fear and terror.
(4) To implement the recommendations of Police Reform Bill in order to ensure that such incidents do not take place in future, and to adopt the Communal Violence Bill and punish all state governments that practise such callousness.
(5) To solve the issue of migration in the light of Assam Accord, and to bring in IMBT Act.

3. F.D.I and Direct Subsidy
This session of CAC of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind strongly opposes direct foreign investment in important fields of national interest, especially in retail sector. To this session, this investment strikes hard at the interests of poor masses.
The condition of investment worth 100 million dollars in the recent decision on the permission of direct foreign investment in retail sector clearly shows that this decision has been taken with the purpose of paving the way for Walmart and such other giant companies. The experience of these companies in different parts of the world shows that their entry creates the monopoly of one single company in business and as a result competition in price and quality comes to an end.
Thus, with this investment where there is fear of poor retailers going unemployed on a large scale, it is also feared that the availability of goods for poor consumers will be affected.
Besides, this session of CAC also fears that these companies will pay meagre price for the goods purchased from poor farmers and small industries, and thus this decision will also affect the latter’s interests. International experiences support this apprehension.
To this session this decision will strengthen concentration of wealth and the trend of transfer of national resources to foreign companies, and further increase poverty in the country.
This session of CAC also opposes the decision to effect direct payment of money instead of subsidies on consumer goods. This decision will also be a source of increase in the sufferings of poor people already hit by inflation and of benefit for wealthy capitalists.
This change will pave the way for corruption, deprive a large chunk of the poor even from basic needs, and as a result of inflation fixed money will have no meaning. To the session this decision can become a source of rendering the entire system of subsidies ineffective. The session demands that this decision be withdrawn immediately, and the universal public distribution system be ensured and strengthened.

4. Palestine Vote
Grant of non-member observer state status to Palestine vide a resolution adopted in the United Nations General Assembly is a pleasant measure and affirmation of the existence of the State of Palestine. This session of CAC takes it with honour and congratulates the people there, their leadership, government and the resistance movement. Winning 138 votes out of 193 indicates the fact that a majority of countries in the world are supporters of equity and justice. This session considers the support extended by the independent world to Palestine’s just demand to be a historical incident, and expects of those countries that they would keep on extending usual cooperation to the cause of Palestine in the future as well. Let the siege and blockade break; edible articles, medicines and other necessary provisions reach there; the promises and accords signed on the issue of Palestine be implemented soon; and the same voice (as in the adoption of the recent resolution) be raised against the aggressive and occupying state of Israel, and all measures be taken for the establishment of independent Palestinian state, irrespective of the dictates of big powers. This session condemns the Israeli government’s bombardment on the armless people of Palestine, its shedding blood of innocents and targeting of media; it feels that this brazen act and bombardment by sIsrael is in keeping with their forthcoming parliamentary elections, and that their shedding the blood of innocents to remain in the saddle is worse than the jungle law. The CAC feels the war was imposed as per the wish of big powers so as to crush the resistance of Palestine and pave the way for establishment of more settlement colonies. This session considers Israel’s frequent show of barbarism and bestiality by bombardments to be severe crimes against human dignity, human respect and human rights and naked violation of universal traditions and international agreements. It demands from the UN Security Council to file a case against the state of Israel in the International Criminal Court at the Hague on the basis of Goldstone Report on war crimes of Israel.
This session prays to Allah the Exalted for the forgiveness of the Palestinians who were killed during the recent aggression, and that their sacrifice works soon. It is the right of Palestine to resist the way Israel has been increasing the number of settlement colonies in Palestinian territories – a right acknowledged by all the law and statute books as well as religions of the world. This session demands from the western countries to pay heed to the voice of collective conscience of the human world, extend their support to truth and justice, and rising above their interests stop Israel from committing oppression, for stopping the oppressor is support to the oppressed.

5. Welcoming the Change in Egypt
This session of the CAC of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind welcomes the positive change in the system of governance in Egypt through democracy, and hopes that this system established on Islamic principles would be strengthened and consolidated further and would strengthen the strivings made by world masses who believe in equity and justice and human equality, and that it would serve as a sample for other Muslim States. This session expects that Dr. Mohamed Morsi administration would hold control over the difficulties being posed by anti-Islam forces inside and outside the country – the difficulties, which international media has launched massive propaganda to fan them. These forces and their media have been disseminating rumours and misgivings about Islam and the Islamic Shari’ah the world over. This session appeals to the new government of Egypt to strengthen its diplomatic, political and trade relations with our country India. It also appeals to the Government of India to be free from foreign influences to take this change in Egypt as positive and consolidate its relations with Egypt accordingly.

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