Protest Square in Kerala in Solidarity with Egypt’s Pro- Democracy Struggle

September 8, 2013


The Butchery of Democracy in Egypt  Unacceptable: Justice Krishna Iyer

Ernakulam:  Renowned Jurist VR Krishna Iyer while addressing the protest meet emphatically termed the butchery of democracy in Egypt, the ancient the center of human civilization, as unacceptable. The fact that over 300 persons striving for the return of democracy have been killed is highly depressing. He further stated in no uncertain terms that the struggle of Egyptians will have the full backing of the Indian society.

The day-night protest square was attended by renowned persons from different social, religious, political and human right organisations including Jamaat-e-Islami Hind at Ernakulam Marine Drive against the butchery of democracy in Egypt turned into a venue of Solidarity towards democratic struggles. The protest square reminded one of Jasmine revolution that spread across the West Asia against the autocratic regimes.

Justice PK Shamsudheen, MI Shanawas MP, Advocate KNA Kader MLA, K Anwer Sadat MLA, Dr. Sebastian Paul, CK Abdul Azeez, Prof. Aravindakshan, Dr. Vincent, KK Baburaj, KC Varghese, KK Kochu, State President of ISM Abdul MajeedSwalahi, KodungaloorCheraman Masjid Imam KM Suleiman Mawlavi, Thejus Editor MP Chekutty, TN Joy, INL State General Secretary Prof. AP Abdul Wahab, PDP State General Secretary Mohammed Rajeeb, Advocate NM Siddique, Kerala JammiyathulUlama Vice President CM Mawlavi, Kerala Muslim Jamaat Federation State Secretary Advocate KP Mohammed, Noted Documentary Producer P Baburaj, Dr. Aziz Taruvana, Swami Viswabhadrananda Shakti Bodhi, Solidarity State President T. Mohammed Velam, SIO State President S Irshad, GIO State President P Ruksana, Sheikh Mohammed Karakunu and JIH State General Secretary P MujeebRahman addressed the crowd in solidarity with the cause espoused.

Solidarity messages from Kaldaya Syrian Church Metropolitan Mar Aprem, RSP leader and Former Minister NK Premachandran Calicut University Former VC and Historian Dr. KKN Kurup andnoted Literary figure C Radhakrishnanwere read out to the crowd.

Protest square was in solidarity with the agitation against the Military Coup in which hundreds of thousands converged in protest and prayer at Egypt’s Raba Al Adawiya Square during the days and nights of Ramadan. Thousands, including women and children, flocked to Marine Drive despite the heavy rains. As it was Ramadan they broke fast, engaged innight prayers and ate morning mealtogether. All the state leaders including JIH’s Kerala Ameer, T Arifali, were present throughout the sit-in. Prominent members from socio-political and cultural spheres visited the square and addressed the gathering in solidarity with the cause espoused. Noted poems including those by the Arabic poet Nisar Kabbani were recited in the square. The anti-imperialistic and anti- coup sloganeering in between the proceedings proved inspiring to the Protest Square.

JIH Kerala Ameer T. Arif Ali opined that what is happening in Egypt is the unholy nexus between organized capitalism and communism. The left’s take on the overthrow of democratically elected government by the military in Egypt is a betrayal of the fight against imperialism.


Just because the left parties of Egypt are aligned with the Military junta in Egypt certain left forces in Kerala are supporting the military coup. Few others deceptively support the military by stating that they are with the people.  Mursi’s party which won 236 seats has been removed from power while the left party which won a mere 16 seats has become part of the ruling establishment. After removing Mursi who received 51% of votes, Elbaradei who won just 1.5% of votes has been made the Vice- President. People of Kerala have always positively reacted to international events in an anti- imperialistic manner rising above the ideological differences. That is how Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez, Saddam Hussein and Yasser Arafat had become election issues in Kerala. Deliberate silence maintained by many democrats of Kerala about the imperialistic intervention in Egypt is obviously due to islamophobia. The square is a creative manifestation of protest against this silence. America has always justified the military invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq as interventions in support of furthering democracy. This same America is today supporting the Egyptian Military in subverting democracy. We need to understand the double standards of imperialistic powers while dealing with Islamists. What is strange is the pro imperialistic attitude of leftists. He further added that the protest square is the reflection of Kerala’s public conscience against the imperialistic conspiracy in Egypt and this is quite evident from the presence of so many socio-religious and political leaders who represent varied ideologies.


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