March 4, 2013

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Wayanad: Quran Study Center Kerala organized a State Meet and award distribution ceremony at Lalilth Mahal Auditorium in Kalpatta. Quran Study Center Kerala is an informal education system to teach Quran recitation, meaning and interpretation for the common people. It is a noble venture under the guidance of Kerala Jama’athe Islami. This whole encompassing education system is utilized by learned, farmers, laborers, youths, home makers and many such sections of the society. It has 20000 students in around 1000 centers spread across Kerala. Every year the students of the center meet at district and state level functions wherein awards are distributed to the annual exam toppers.

Jama’athe Islami Hind Ameer Moulana Jalaludheen Ansar Umari inaugurated the annual meet for this year. He said that Quran is the guiding light for the entire humanity and is more than capable to lead a social revolution at any juncture of time.

Jama’athe Islami Kerala Ameer T. Arifali presided over the function. Member of Parliament E.T. Muhammad Basheer while delivering the keynote address observed that Quran Study Center Kerala is playing a major role in socializing Quran studies in Kerala. Dr. Jamaludheen Farooqi, Hussain Saqafi, Jama’athe Islami Kerala Shura members P.V. Rahmabi and V.K. Ali delivered speeches respectively on “Superhuman nature of Quran”, “Spirituality of holy Quran”, “Woman in holy Quran” and “Holy Quran and Social system”. Thiruvananthapuram Palayam Imam Moulavi Jamaludheen Mankada distributed the prizes. Jama’athe Islami Kerala Assistant Ameer Sheikh Muhammed Karakkunnu, Kalppatta Municipal Chairman A.P. Hameed, Shanthapuram Al Jamia Deputy Rector Ilyas Moulavi also spoke in the function.

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  1. Saleem Shakir

    Assalamu Alaikum
    Quran is the basic guide for every Muslim and it is obligatory for each Muslim to read, understand, follow and preach the teachings of Quran. Quran Study Center, Kerala seems to be a good example for our Muslim community. I hope and pray Almighty Allah that each Muslim follows the teachings of Quran and preach his/her family, friends and neighbors and keep our Eiman as strong as possible so as to prepare for the Aakhirath. Amin