“Religion should be there for communal harmony and not for communal divide”

September 22, 2010

Udupi; “Religion should be there for communal harmony and not for communal divide” was said by National President SIO of India Br, Suhail K.K. He was there on 22nd September for the inauguration of Adarsh Islamic Center, Hoode. Religion stands for overall development of society. It preaches communal harmony. It loves way for social change. He further added that “When religion limited to certain rituals misconception arrives. Religion should guide us in all walks of life”. He hopes that the center will act as a light house of surrounding people. Islam transforms evil person in to an ideal person. Moulana Syed Usuf  Qathib of the kucch memon masjid, Mangalore inaugurate of the center said. He wished the same purpose be served here.

Mrs. Veronica Carnalio, Member of Udupi Taluq Panchayath appreciated jamate islami social welfare work. Among the guest, SIO State President, Shawkath Ali, Jamate Islami Hind (Zonal advisory comity member)K.M.Shareef. Thonse Gram panchayath President, Mrs Jyothi Luwis. Gram panchayath Former President, Venkatesh Kundhar.

Abdussalam (JIH Regional Organizer), Janardhan Thonse(Member of udupi jilla panchayath), Baikadi Ahmed Saheb (Darussalaam Education Socity), M.Ismail (Mohammedia Educational Trust President), Kasim Barkoor(Dist. Muslim Okkoota President), Ashfaq Shareef(SIO Regional President), Bussiness Man S.N. Irshad and G.Mohammed Sadiq, Anwar ali Kaup(Dist secretary Jamate Islami) and JIh Local President Moulana Adam Saheb,  Hamid Husain (JIH sec Kar & Goa) President of the program.

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